Clouded over

Yesterday was warm and sunny until the afternoon when it clouded over. I went for a shower later and the water was just about warm. Out on the evening walk I was wearing only shorts but with a fleece and windproof coat on top. The same this morning as it was around 20C all night! I woke up to throw off my bedding.
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Hottest day of the year so far

With a high of 25.9C this has been the hottest day of the year so far! Sadly the forecast indicates that tomorrow will be slightly cooler.

I can report that Princess is a little better today following yesterday’s operation. She declined to join us for a walk last night and this morning but managed some breakfast today.
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Princess is resting

Following her 24 hour fast, no food last night or this morning, Princess and I were picked up by Antonis at 09:40 to go to the new PAWS clinic at the former school building in Kalamos. The location is on the road out of Paleochora heading north through the mountains, the same way as we go to Chania.… Read the rest

Another holiday weekend!

With another holiday weekend coming up, we saw the presence of both Maria and Georgia. Micky and Five have had their operations and are, no doubt, recovering in the comparative luxury of Georgia’s house. I should imagine Princess will be up for some food and a walk once she returns tomorrow. I was surprised to see how quickly they get over the operation and return to normal.… Read the rest

Dave’s visit to the vet

Antonis arrived just after eight and we set off for Chania via the Paleochora post office where I picked up two packages. Sadly neither contained the replacement battery for Antonis’ phone which I ordered a while ago.

The vet examined Dave and pronounced him ‘stable’ so she doesn’t want to see him again unless he develops any new symptoms.
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A little crazy

It’s been a little crazy today.

I did some work for Simon at LBS over the weekend as he has new staff starting today. I decided to tidy up some of the email settings which turned into an email crisis which hopefully I have sorted out.
The German/Italian couple, Ingo and Silvia, with their little girl, left this morning.
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They come, they go

The Swiss couple, who stayed for a couple of nights, paid last night and left this morning. They also gave me a donation towards the dogs. The Italian/German couple with the little girl are also off tomorrow morning. He works in Vienna and she works mostly from home. He commutes back to Iraklion for the weekends by leaving work a little early on a Friday.… Read the rest

Friday again

As I was feeding the dogs last night, Georgia appeared at my gate. A couple of customers had arrived at the camping earlier but as I saw that Georgia was onsite, I decided to leave them to her. As it turned out, she was bearing their ID and coming to ask me if I would take care of them.… Read the rest


As I mentioned at the time, we had a good meal out last night.

I have received an email from Eleanor with some lovely photographs of your flat.
I’ve been quite busy today so wonder where the day has gone. I cannot believe it’s already nearly time to take the dogs for their evening walk. I don’t know that Marie will come as I couldn’t see their car earlier.
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I’m having one today!

You will be pleased to know that your card was waiting from me in the mailbox at reception when I went up to check. There were also a couple of small packets from China. One of my many stopwatches/clocks and a dog whistle. I’m not very good at whistling, especially when it’s windy, so I thought I’d splash out on a couple of ultrasonic dog whistles.
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Clearing my garden

Clearing my ‘garden’

I decided this morning that I would have a go at clearing a path from the gate which leads from the SDC into the field where there are currently sheep. Once the kantina opens, the sheep will be gone, and the fence onto the beach will be open. This will then give me the possibility to take the dogs through the back way when they go for walks.
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Anyone know what day it is?

I don’t usually worry too much about which day it is however this Holiday Weekend appears to have gone on forever.

Janne and Erica left about an hour ago. They are staying in Chania over night and catching a flight back to Stockholm as Erica has to go straight in to school from the airport. I thought they were staying longer so was surprised when they announced yesterday they were departing today.
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A cleaning revelation

Happy Good Friday!

The men’s bathroom has been cleaned! I thought I was in the wrong place it was so clean.
My assistant came again yesterday evening and we enjoyed a jolly walk out with the dogs. Obi is in the Dog House for buggering off at the end of a walk, consequently confined to the SDC with Luis and Fido daytimes and restricted to the ten metre lead for walks.
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A new pallet of charcoal outside the supermarket

As I left the supermarket this morning the guy shifted a new pallet of charcoal into position outside in the car park. The field where the lambs recently resided looks bare. Janne and Erica are also not looking forward to this weekend’s BBQ fest as they are strict vegetarians. I shall indulge in a little lamb-eating to please the natives but usually manage to find plenty to eat which does not involve dead animals.… Read the rest

My geraniums are blooming

My Geraniums appear to be doing well. They have a carefully controlled diet of washing up water and a quick squirt from the hose occasionally. Several of my flowering plants appear to be flowering at present. All due to the care and devotion I lavish upon them.

I’ve been drinking quite a lot of Green Tea these past few months.
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Everyone’s leaving

The French couple left yesterday and the South American girls this morning. The Swiss guy is leaving tomorrow and Klaus on Friday. If no one else comes, it looks like Easter will be a bit bare. Anyway, Maria is here tomorrow so it becomes her problem from then on.

Today was a bit like yesterday as far as the weather is concerned.
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Janne and Erica arrived this morning

I was awoken at 01:25 to barking small dogs due to the arrival of Janne and Erica. For a change, Erica does not appear to be that unwell although she can feel something ‘coming on’. They were up late this morning unsurprisingly, then went out for breakfast. I was trying to ensure the dogs were quiet so as not to disturb them.… Read the rest

Another customer

My new assistant dog warden appeared again yesterday evening and this time took out five dogs. The previous day, Princess and Obi were AWOL, having escaped the compound due to my negligence. Marie had a more demanding time controlling them as there was another dog on the beach as we walked across. She got them all under control and survived the ordeal well.… Read the rest

Houdini Dog

She has tunnelled her way out again! She seems to do it when I’m out and she is not. I’ve put her in her house now as the Albanians seem to be particularly boisterous this evening which encourages her to bark. She has a annoying high-pitched bark.

Katrin appeared yesterday afternoon with a rather tired Englishman called Richard who had just walked with his back pack from Elafonissi.
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Busy, busy, busy

The camping, that is. Yet another customer arrived this morning. Another German on his own in a van towing a trailer with a motor scooter, bicycle and other items. He plans to stay for a week. He seem like a nice chap. At the present moment we have:

Germans x 4 (1+1+2)
Austrians x 5 (2+3+ sundry dogs)
Dutch x 1
Albanians x 20 (ish)
For this time of year it is very surprising and Georgia expects that Easter might be busy.
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Cloudy but warm

Antonis arrived at 08:10 this morning. He was in his grandmother’s little car as he has had another problem with his own car. He was not very happy. He was going to do the gate onto the field but I did this yesterday so he went to see about Harry’s car. He looked at it and then went to the workshop he shares with a mechanic friend to find there was already a car in there.… Read the rest

I was thinking of washing the floor…

…but then thought better of it. I have hoovered, shaken the mats and removed around 100kg of dog hair from the floor of the van. They have caught on to the fact that the temperature is rising so have decided to get rid of all their fur. The Little White Creature found a palm frond so has been amusing himself all day by ripping it up all over the decking.… Read the rest

Sunny day

My assistant dog walkers joined me yesterday evening which made things a lot easier. We had interesting conversations about The West Wing, ‘Allo ‘Allo and Black Adder. Apparently Black Adder has been translated into German but it didn’t work out as hoped.

After a couple of windy days, today has been very calm and warm. Tomorrow could be windy again according to the forecast.
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