Sunny day

My assistant dog walkers joined me yesterday evening which made things a lot easier. We had interesting conversations about The West Wing, ‘Allo ‘Allo and Black Adder. Apparently Black Adder has been translated into German but it didn’t work out as hoped.

After a couple of windy days, today has been very calm and warm. Tomorrow could be windy again according to the forecast.
Georgia and Maria have been at the camping however their car has since disappeared so I assume they have returned home.
The Albanians have been at work as usual and were washing their socks in the showers earlier. Hopefully they have not used up all the hot water. The customers know to get in early before they come back from work.
There are English customers at Cedar Bay Villas with children who have been swimming in the pool. I have heard the parents talking and the children being children. CBV appear to have relaxed their protocol for accepting children which previously involved renting all three villas. To do that you need lots of money!
All dogs are present and correct especially Luis who cannot help himself but be noisy. For the peace of all, he is locked inside the van behind the stair gate at present. Obi is playing with Princess and Pea on the decking outside the awning, Dave is in the storeroom and Fido lying beside me. Heidi is joining in with Georgia’s dogs which are barking excitedly. The other Small Dogs are being mostly good. Boris is in his villa. I should imagine the Austrians are exercising their dogs on the beach. Luis now has his nose between the bars of the stair gate in the hope I may let him out to make more noise.
I don’t seem to have done a lot today but fiddle with my weather website. I have updated it to the latest version however you’d need to know in order to notice any difference. It’s all to do with the way it updates, so mostly under the bonnet stuff.
At least my cold appears to be past its worst although my voice is still gruff, sneezing and snotting too. Maybe I have an allergy to dog and not a cold after all. I think my last cold was in October last year just before I went into hospital. Quite convenient really as they would have cancelled the operation otherwise.
I shall start to get ready for the evening walk quite soon and will wander down the camping to see if there are cars in the beach car park. In which case I may decide to delay for a little.