I was thinking of washing the floor…

…but then thought better of it. I have hoovered, shaken the mats and removed around 100kg of dog hair from the floor of the van. They have caught on to the fact that the temperature is rising so have decided to get rid of all their fur. The Little White Creature found a palm frond so has been amusing himself all day by ripping it up all over the decking. That said, for a puppy his age, I really cannot complain as he is very good. I have naturally taken precautions by moving all cables out of his way. It took him only moments to destroy the charger for my head torch. Luckily I can repair it and have a spare anyway.

Obi tried to convince me that 06:00 was a good time to be getting up however I managed to convince him otherwise. At least until 06:30 which is the current getting up time. Only two weeks ago 06:30 = 05:30. I go with the sun anyway…
My assistants joined me again yesterday evening. It was a very pleasant walk. The dogs go out for longer if I have company so they are pleased too. It’s good for them to meet different people and be walked by them. For the first walk with Harry and Katrine, Oskar spent a lot of the time barking. Now he allows himself to be petted if the mood takes him.
I should really put on the electric heater for the Albanians as it has not been that sunny today. Tomorrow is forecast as overcast however warm. It is much warmer now fortunately as I was getting fed up with cold winds. Windy it still is but warm and windy.
I amused myself most of the morning preparing the new gate which will lead into the field next to me. Antonis supplied a frame so I decided it might be a good idea either to put a notice saying ‘no dogs beyond this point’ or fill the frame with some chainlink fence. Antonis said he would do it but he is more of an action kind of guy so doesn’t like the fiddling about jobs. I have done it now, rehung the gate and moved up the fence to form a gap. It’s now a matter of cutting back the vegetation to form a path through the jungle. Antonis brought me a large pruner during our conversation on Saturday. It does work after a fashion but I have a lot of cutting to do so may go and buy a new one. I might get Antonis to run me into Paleochora tomorrow to the ironmongers.
Antonis has been away somewhere as he is ‘not back’ until tomorrow when he says he will come to finish the gate and to look at Harry’s car. The exhaust of Harry’s car was damaged using the Gavdos ferry as the ramp is steep and his car is well loaded. I suggested Antonis or his mechanic friend might be able to put something together so that they can get back to Germany to get it replaced there. The Greek garage is bound not to have the correct parts and ordering something could take days. They also don’t want to spend their holiday hanging around for the car to be fixed.
There is a new customer on the camping. A German woman. Maria dealt with her as I was mistaken in my assumption that she and Georgia had returned to Chania. I saw the car was there again yesterday evening.
Small White Creature AKA Pea, is now munching carob pods: last year’s dried up ones. The dogs like the pods as they are sweet and taste a bit like chocolate but without the negative side-effects of chocolate.
My friend Jo called earlier as she thought there was a problem with her laptop. She is going into the hospital for her pre-op tests today. I had mine done the day before as an in-patient. One less journey to Chania!
Dave is barking as he is now bored of being in the SDC so I’m going to relocate him to the storeroom for some peace.