Cloudy but warm

Antonis arrived at 08:10 this morning. He was in his grandmother’s little car as he has had another problem with his own car. He was not very happy. He was going to do the gate onto the field but I did this yesterday so he went to see about Harry’s car. He looked at it and then went to the workshop he shares with a mechanic friend to find there was already a car in there. So he wasn’t able to do that job today.

He came back to the camping and then took me to Paleochora as I wanted to buy a new pruner from the ironmonger’s. I also bought some new work gloves, a bowsaw and a clever device for putting clips on chain link fence. Using wire is horrid as it snags your clothes. I also popped in to see Heike to ask when the vets are coming to Paleochora for the next neutering clinic.
I did a little more clearing around the new gate and moved the fence up so that it fitted properly to the ground. As you can guess, I was ‘helped’ by the Small Dogs so progress was slow.
Later I put some washing in the machine for Katrin and we had a chat with Monika, the other German woman on her own. She has travelled all over for several months. Time to dust off my German. I can understand reasonably ok but speaking is somewhat rusty. We got on ok as I spoke English and they all spoke German.
Georgia appeared in the camping to inspect progress of the bar area and the new small cabin. She asked about the vet visit as she wants Micky and No 5 to be neutered. I want to take Princess. Apparently No 5 is now pregnant – what a surprise with her and Micky together on the camping! So we might be looking at a termination. No more puppies please! Stavros says he will not take her if she is pregnant.
Katrin came on the evening walk and the dogs were particularly lively and noisy. Something to do with me being away for a lot of the day I suspect.
It’s already 22:00 so I’d better eat something.