Busy, busy, busy

The camping, that is. Yet another customer arrived this morning. Another German on his own in a van towing a trailer with a motor scooter, bicycle and other items. He plans to stay for a week. He seem like a nice chap. At the present moment we have:

Germans x 4 (1+1+2)
Austrians x 5 (2+3+ sundry dogs)
Dutch x 1
Albanians x 20 (ish)
For this time of year it is very surprising and Georgia expects that Easter might be busy. She was explaining how much work was needed before the season begins and the problems of getting the trees sprayed against the dreaded parasites as they need a still day with guaranteed three dry days following.
As Georgia speaks only very limited English, and Maria is in Chania, I get to run around and chat to the punters, take their money and look after them. She is too busy directing operations and generally has little to do with non-Greek speaking customers. I don’t mind anyway as they are mostly interesting to talk to and it makes a change from grunting Albanians.
I have just been for a shower to take advantage of the hot water, and can report that the men’s showers are very untidy. Consequently all customers are encouraged to use the ladies’ facilities regardless of their sex. Talking of which, I might take a wander through the facilities to check for toilet paper and bins. Hopefully Maria will come this weekend so I will leave it to her to clean.
One of the Albanians appeared yesterday afternoon saying that the WiFi wasn’t working in the rooms up at the office. I investigated to discover he was correct. I was about to go out with the dogs so disinclined to spend much time on it. Later, I connected to the router control panel to discover that the WiFi had been disabled and that the password had been changed! I sent a message to Maria asking if anyone had been instructed to change the passphrase and she replied that they hadn’t. I have changed the WiFi passphrase back to what it was and have also changed the administrative passphrase as someone has hacked into the router to change the settings. The plot thickens. I’m the only hacker around here and I don’t like competition!
Being a warm day, the dogs are sleeping more or less quietly. I hate overcast days with a cool breeze as they are far too lively. I don’t know what got into them last night but they were completely bonkers on the walk however less so this morning. Maybe Katrin will come with me again this evening.
Monika, the German lady on her own, brought me a chocolate muffin for checking her tyre pressures yesterday. She says she’s a bit paranoid following a blowout last year. Also the Greek garages use psi (Pounds Per Square Inch). Being a woman alone, she is not up for being stranded miles from anywhere. Normally she says she goes to a camping just to wash her clothes and have a bit of a clean out. Otherwise she simply parks up in a nice spot and kips down. Her van is quite small but well organised, so for one person it’s fine.
Following the exploits of the Onedin Line last night, I had forgotten that Mrs Onedin, Anne Stallybrass, dies in childbirth to give James a son and heir, which turns out to be a little girl. The plot thickens and I must download the next season. I was hoping the faster internet would be connected in April however this now seems unlikely.
I have just brushed most of the dogs so now they look lovely. Strangely, Fido was very hairy. The Small Dogs are particularly so. Any nest-building bird is going to think it’s Christmas!