Houdini Dog

She has tunnelled her way out again! She seems to do it when I’m out and she is not. I’ve put her in her house now as the Albanians seem to be particularly boisterous this evening which encourages her to bark. She has a annoying high-pitched bark.

Katrin appeared yesterday afternoon with a rather tired Englishman called Richard who had just walked with his back pack from Elafonissi. He was in need to a shower and somewhere to stay. He has walked from Kissamos so far but intends to circumnavigate the island. He was going to stay only for one night but paid for another night this afternoon. He has just come back with me from walking the dogs. I seem to be doing well at press-ganging the customers at present.
The two Austrian motorhomes are leaving on Saturday so I called Maria earlier to find out what she wants me to charge for their stay. I talked with Georgia yesterday but she was bombarding me with information in Greek so I just wanted to be sure. There was also some confusion as to how many days they stayed so I wanted to get that straight too. The husbands came first and the wives joined them at the end of the month. I think Maria will be in the camping tomorrow night but knowing how unreliable she can be I decided to get them to pay tomorrow morning so that I can deal with it myself. After all, I signed them in and have had more to do with them than anyone. They also have been very generous with food for the dogs and, what I would consider, expensive treats which they have given liberally. Hopefully they will always come to Grammeno from now on as they seem to have forsaken Paleochora Camping.

Monika, the single German lady, left this morning having insisted I go to see her off. She was a little defensive when we first met but she became more friendly as she got to know Katrin and Harry. It certainly pays to get the customers to integrate with each other as the tend to stay longer. It’s good to have interesting people around and to share their experiences.  She is going to Chania to get some work done on her car and then continue her journey wherever it takes her.
Katrin and Harry have had their car fixed by Antonis even though they only met him by chance in the supermarket. They had been up to Azogires for one of Lucky’s famous omelettes. There was an arrangement to have it done yesterday but that fell though but it’s fixed now which is all that matters – probably another earthquake resistant repair.  I have not heard much of how they got on at Azogires as they did not come on the walk this evening as Katrin hurt her back somehow so was not in the mood for dog walking. They are leaving tomorrow as well.
Two girls, one from Brazil and the other from Argentina, appeared wanting to know the price of the stay. They are currently at Paleochora camping but say they will come here tomorrow and probably stay for three nights. I gave them a price off the top of my head as I can’t be doing with phoning Maria who then refers to Georgia. I’m not interested in the chain of command. If they want to be totally in control they can employ someone or be here themselves.
It’s now 21:15 so time for some food and a glass of something I think.