Another customer

My new assistant dog warden appeared again yesterday evening and this time took out five dogs. The previous day, Princess and Obi were AWOL, having escaped the compound due to my negligence. Marie had a more demanding time controlling them as there was another dog on the beach as we walked across. She got them all under control and survived the ordeal well. After they were all walked and fed, I went up to drop her off at her caravan where her parents were sitting outside. We ended up having a glass of wine or two and chatting into the night. I discovered it was 01:00 when I finally went to bed! But I was up at 06:15 and out before 06:30. Sunrise this morning was 07:00 and I was able to watch it unlike yesterday when it was too cloudy.

Two people came to the camping this morning, a Swiss with a motorbike and small tent and a guy called Michael who is doing his research to find the right place to put his caravan in the long term. We had a long chat and I think I was able to give him some of the benefit of my experience. He also mentioned that he had been told by the guy at the camping at Kissamos that Grammeno was closed and did not open in winter. He had consequently been directed to Paleochora Camping where he is presently staying. I mentioned that I have been here for four winters and that the camping is open all year around. Someone is misinforming people…
Another of my jobs today was to make it less easy for Princess (and Pea) to escape from the compound: she has a habit of barking at the Albanians, which is alright. But as more customers arrive, and Easter approaches, I need to be able to keep her in. Especially as Janne and Erica will be here late tonight. They are becoming more dog-friendly however I don’t wish to push my luck. I have fitted a large piece of 4×2 to the bottom of the gate thus reducing the gap between the gate and the bar welded across by Antonis. I never envisaged having small dogs capable of getting through small gaps. Both Princess and the Pea are no longer able to shimmy under the gate! The piece of wood may not look all that elegant but at least it does the job.
Due to my rather short night, I indulged in a little snooze serenaded by the sound of the strimmer as Stavros cut the grass and weeds which have grown up during the winter. He is doing a good job and the place is beginning to look quite sensible again.
At the moment we have three tent customers and one motorhome across the front of the camping. My Dutch neighbour, Lau, is here until next month when he will start to head north to return to Holland for a while. I think he plans to return to Grammeno once it gets cooler. He doesn’t like the heat and the tourists.
The Pea is getting bigger by the day as I noticed looking at one of the photos I took when he first arrived. I think we can safely say that both he and his mother are properly integrated. Still no news when the German vets will be in town. I’m quite eager to get Princess neutered. Pea is slumped on a dog blanket snoozing. Most of the others are asleep as well. The warmer weather makes life so much easier.