Everyone’s leaving

The French couple left yesterday and the South American girls this morning. The Swiss guy is leaving tomorrow and Klaus on Friday. If no one else comes, it looks like Easter will be a bit bare. Anyway, Maria is here tomorrow so it becomes her problem from then on.

Today was a bit like yesterday as far as the weather is concerned. There was a beautiful early morning sky as I went out with the dogs. Somewhat later than yesterday as it was only 06:30 when I woke up. Then it was quite sunny and warm followed by clouds later the same as yesterday.
I had planned to wash a load of clothes last night but decided not to in the end. I might put them in the machine later.
Georgia arrived yesterday evening and saw me briefly at the office earlier as the Swiss guy was paying for his stay. She was going to her mother’s and said she would bring me back a plate of lentils her mother had made. Later she appeared brandishing a saucepan full of lentils. A departure from the normal evening repast today.
For some reason I thought it was Wednesday. That was until I had to focus on the day and date when the South Americans left. I also know that it is not Christmas as Easter is just around the corner. The huge pile of charcoal outside the supermarket signals the approach of Easter. Also the absence of the lambs which used to graze along the roadside. Loads of BBQs will be fired up this Sunday for the Easter meat fest.
I decided to sweep the women’s toilet floor as Stavros left the door open when he was using the strimmer to cut the grass and all the stones and dust came it turning it into a mess. I will leave it to Maria to clean the toilets when she comes tomorrow. I wouldn’t like to deny her the pleasure.
Lau, the Dutch guy, was learning Greek on his phone as I dropped by earlier. We sat there together repeating the phrases. He says he tries to spend thirty minutes every day on Greek. I was listening to lessons as I went out with the dogs but have not done much since my wireless headset got damaged. I find wires very annoying when walking the dogs. Also, having so many dogs, I like to keep my full attention on them rather than be distracted by sounds in my ears. It’s also nice just to be able to enjoy the waves and the wind.
I saw Mary sitting on the large slab near the BBQ area as I walked back from the toilets earlier. She was talking earnestly on her phone as I passed. They were out again last night so I went on my own again. It’s nice to have the company but it’s also nice to be alone too. No pleasing some people. Yesterday, I wasn’t concentrating properly and did not keep an eye on Dave who went on one of his Dave Walks. He becomes disorientated if he loses sight of me and starts to walk around randomly. If he’d follow the other dogs, that would be a good idea. He might be old and wonky but he can still walk quite fast when he wishes. Especially when I’m trying to catch up with him.
I see my broom has magically appeared inside the awning tent with a puppy attached to the business-end. He’s now concentrating his efforts on an old bungee cord. He is becoming more confident by the day and started barking at Klaus as he was doing his exercises by the sea this morning. I could see Klaus trembling with fear as this small, belligerent object approached him. We had a chat after whilst the dogs tied their leads into even more knots.
I need to sweep out the van should my broom still have sufficient bristles and get changed in order to take them out. I also need to go turn off the water heater later as the water was not over hot when I had a shower.