A new pallet of charcoal outside the supermarket

As I left the supermarket this morning the guy shifted a new pallet of charcoal into position outside in the car park. The field where the lambs recently resided looks bare. Janne and Erica are also not looking forward to this weekend’s BBQ fest as they are strict vegetarians. I shall indulge in a little lamb-eating to please the natives but usually manage to find plenty to eat which does not involve dead animals.

My assistant dog walker appeared again yesterday evening and we enjoyed a fairly uneventful and satisfactory walk despite a rather confused jogger who was careless enough to venture onto the promontory. Coming face to face with the dogs was a little daunting for him.
At bed time I opened my emails to find one from Maria telling me that Klaus, the German guy in the camper, had been looking for me to pay his bill. She said that he was planning to go at 05:00 the next morning and would I like to see him to take his money. As I was already in bed, I had no desire to get up to wander the camping and collect his money. As it turned out, a strong wind started at around 04:45 so I thought I might as well go to see if he really was leaving at that unearthly hour. Klaus was still asleep so I left him a bill and a note saying I would be going out with the dogs at 06:15 and returning at 08:00. There was no activity when I passed by just after six and still none when I returned around 07:30. I eventually saw Klaus around 10:00 and took his money. He didn’t want Maria to take it as he wished to give me a donation for the dogs and speak to me personally. He had discovered that there was a later ferry and decided to take that anyway. He finally left the camping mid-afternoon.
Lots of racket coming from the adjacent storeroom as they start to dig stuff out for the weekend. They will now reap the benefits of the lousy stacking when it was all put in there. After my time working at Dor to Dor Carriers I learned that one should always assume that one will be unloading or unstacking anything you load or stack. It should therefore be done properly so that it’s easy to work with later.
I have taken pictures of my flowers which may appear in due course.
Nearly time to take the dogs for their walk so I had better discover the level of mess left in the storeroom after their visit…