A cleaning revelation

Happy Good Friday!

The men’s bathroom has been cleaned! I thought I was in the wrong place it was so clean.
My assistant came again yesterday evening and we enjoyed a jolly walk out with the dogs. Obi is in the Dog House for buggering off at the end of a walk, consequently confined to the SDC with Luis and Fido daytimes and restricted to the ten metre lead for walks. The price one has to pay for going off with your little friends and barking around the camping.
I tidied up the mess created by those getting BBQs out of the storeroom and Millie now has a high-rise apartment with her house on top of one of the pallet chairs. The dogs do not really need to be in the storeroom at night but they might as well stay there for the time being.
I was not thinking when I bought bread yesterday so had to go to the supermarket to buy yesterday’s bread today. Normal service will resume tomorrow.
Antonis appeared briefly to bring me my glasses from the optician. I returned my latest pair as they were scratched and asked him to look into it. He is going to replace them free of charge. It does not pay to annoy people in a small community such as Paleochora.
I called Matthew early this morning having received an email from him from HMRC. We discussed his new business of building Shepherds’ Huts. I will share the photos with you. He wants me to do the marketing and selling whilst he gets on with building them. From the photos, they look of a very high standard. Matthew says he is fed up and too old to be digging holes and making up concrete so wishes to do something he enjoys whilst making a good living. Between us I think we can make it work well.
Matthew is going off to Thailand in about an hour to meet up with Molly, his daughter and his wife Nat. He has a feeling that Nat may decide not to return to UK but Matthew intends to make sure that Molly does. Nat appears not to be making much effort integrating and her evening job in the Thai restaurant is not helping. Her contribution to their household is very limited according to Matthew.
Yesterday was the hottest day of the year with a high of 25.1C and today’s high is 24.5C but windy from the west.
If I recall, I’m supposed to call you later tomorrow. If that’s not right let me know.