Anyone know what day it is?

I don’t usually worry too much about which day it is however this Holiday Weekend appears to have gone on forever.

Janne and Erica left about an hour ago. They are staying in Chania over night and catching a flight back to Stockholm as Erica has to go straight in to school from the airport. I thought they were staying longer so was surprised when they announced yesterday they were departing today. This summer they will arrive on 19 June for two weeks. Then go back to Stockholm to stay in their summer house for two weeks before returning to Crete for a further three weeks. They only acquired the summer house last year so feel they should go there this year. It was snowing in Stockholm this morning so it might be a bit of a shock to the system when they get off the plane.
The weekend has been very quiet with no customers to worry about only a couple in a small tent. I left Georgia to sort that one out. It looks as though Georgia has gone as her pickup is not to be seen outside her house. Maria was not present yesterday but was here for a bit the day before as she came for a chat with Erica. Funnily, no one tells me what’s going on so I’m expected to just fill in the gaps. I got them quite well trained last year but that appears to have worn off.
The morning started very cloudy and cool with a little rain whilst we were out on the walk. Only sufficient to wet the top layer of sand. There was a little more later on but then out came the sun and the blue sky. It has been quite warm this afternoon with a high of 21.6C. The hottest day of the month and year so far was 25.1C on 13 April. Today’s forecast mentioned a chance of a thunderstorm later with a probability of 44%. I don’t really want any rain as I need to fix the leak in my roof but want to do it in the autumn once the summer heat is over. I want to take the entire roof vent out and reseal it with a different product. The original product has probably shrunk with the heat.
I planted an Aloe Vera yesterday directly into the ground near to the wooden fence. I have also given one to Janne and Erica which I said I would plant and look after for them until June. I think Aloe Vera is quite hardy requiring little attention. The one I planted last weak near to the Boris Compound appears to be doing well. I have also planted a number of ground cover plants which are also picking up quite well. The Aloe Vera was grown in a pot so it was just a case of taking off the pot and shoving it in a hole.
Luis has just been locked in one of the houses in the SDC as has Charlie. Both were barking. Obi and Fido were let out of the SDC when the rain began this morning however Fido cannot resist his aggressive behaviour towards Boris, so is back in there again. He seems not to get the message.
I spent a little time lazing in the sun earlier and then was messing around with a few old solar garden lights to see which are still working. I cleaned them up and left them in the sun so we’ll see if any come on later.
A small, white puppy was sitting in my chair earlier looking extremely comfortable. I left him there as he was doing no harm. I put things on the chair at night when I’m not around to discourage him from munching cables and the like.
Sigi, one of the Germans from PAWS who helped me with the puppies last year, was at the meatfest yesterday. I’d not really seen her since last Easter. She emailed earlier to tell me the vets are in Paleochora on 26/27 April. Princess will be going for her operation on one of those days as will Micky and Five. Pea is still too young so will get his turn next time around when they come back in the Autumn.
Off to walk in a few minutes so I’d better get myself organised.