I’m having one today!

You will be pleased to know that your card was waiting from me in the mailbox at reception when I went up to check. There were also a couple of small packets from China. One of my many stopwatches/clocks and a dog whistle. I’m not very good at whistling, especially when it’s windy, so I thought I’d splash out on a couple of ultrasonic dog whistles. All I need now is some ultrasonic dogs I suppose.
The day started well but got cloudy so I decided to do an hour hacking back a bit more in my garden. I have posted some images. I removed some more of the prickly stuff so now have a better view from the decking and the SDC. There are a lot of stones which were thrown over the fence when it was being used as a general disposal area before my arrival. I may use these to create a hard area around the gate. The plan is also to position the weather station somewhere too. I will do a little more tomorrow morning when I come back with the dogs.
An English woman with a small girl in tow appeared in the camping to see about staying a couple of nights. I told them the price and she was going to consult with her husband but they didn’t come back so I assume they went elsewhere.
Yesterday evening I took Marie, my assistant dog walker back, and ended up chatting to her parents for a little while. We also drank some wine which was very nice. Sascha has just been along to ask if I’d like to go out for a meal this evening. We are going to go to Houmas restaurant as then no one has to drive anywhere as it’s only a short walk from the camping. I went there for my birthday last year and again on my Name Day which is May 9. In many ways, the Name Day is celebrated more than the actual anniversary of birth.
Marie will come at 18:30 so that we can get back and out again by 20:30. I’ve sent her a photo album as a thank you for walking the dogs with me. Just some pictures of the dogs when they were born and growing up. She has been very helpful and good company when we are out.
Manos, who was here last year working in the camping sent me an email wishing me Happy Easter. He is still without a job but says he is looking at buying or renting a camping.
I’d better get organised and be ready to walk them.