As I mentioned at the time, we had a good meal out last night.

I have received an email from Eleanor with some lovely photographs of your flat.
I’ve been quite busy today so wonder where the day has gone. I cannot believe it’s already nearly time to take the dogs for their evening walk. I don’t know that Marie will come as I couldn’t see their car earlier. They depart for Germany tomorrow morning as the school holidays are almost at an end. It will be very quiet again here after the excitement of last weekend. They wanted to wash everything this morning before leaving so I helped them with the machine.
A small tent had sprung up as I went for a shower earlier. The couple nearby had disappeared in their car when I came out of the shower. They probably phoned Maria but I’ll try to track them down before going out.
I’d planned to do a bit more hacking in my garden this morning but the time rather slipped away. People sending me emails and wanting me to do things with computers rather got in the way.
Little Pi (Π) is getting even more bold and has discovered Fido’s stronghold in the van just behind the windscreen. I don’t mind him going up there however he can be a little chewy and I can’t keep an eye on him up there. I should imagine Fido will have something to say when he finds that his space has been invaded.
There is a westerly wind this evening although it was almost still at one point. This morning there was quite a strong easterly wind so I enjoyed standing on the beach listening to the sound of the waves crashing onto the rocks with the smell of the sea all around. I mentioned this to Sascha and Marie but they said the feeling of being in bed was quite attractive.
I could hear running water from one of the toilets this morning so went to investigate with the help of a wrench. I turned off the water and will lock the toilet so that it’s not used. No wonder the water bill is so large.
I’d better try to track down those campers and get ready to go out with the dogs.