Friday again

As I was feeding the dogs last night, Georgia appeared at my gate. A couple of customers had arrived at the camping earlier but as I saw that Georgia was onsite, I decided to leave them to her. As it turned out, she was bearing their ID and coming to ask me if I would take care of them. I said I would deal with them in the morning as I was busy with the dogs. Apparently she was only in the camping to deal with some admin concerning aspects of the restaurant and kitchen and explained there were only two inspectors, both based in Iraklion. That is a long way from Grammeno.

One lot of customers are a couple from Germany, the others, a couple and a young child, were from Iraklion, just having a few days rest for a long weekend. Other than that, the camping is empty.
Princess will be visiting the German vets next Thursday morning and I might be taking both of Georgia’s dogs, Micky and Five along too. I have suggested to Sigi that she arrange it with Georgia as I have no interest in getting into a communication triangle involving Georgia. I’ve said that I would be happy to look after all of the dogs and see them through the entire process. Even with three dogs, it’s got to be easier than six puppies which was my last experience.
Sascha, Steffi and my assistant dog walker, Marie, left to go back to Germany this morning. They appeared with a big doggy bag of food for me. They had just emptied their fridge. I still have food from Janne and Erica so I won’t need to go shopping for a few days. I have cheese coming out of my ears! Expensive cheese at that.
I shall continue to walk the dogs morning and evening, at least until June, as Ursula will be here. Like last year I may drop the evening walk as it’s difficult when there are so many people about and also when it’s hot. The Small Dogs are no longer puppies and appear more formidable to any unfortunate person they may encounter. They would not hurt anyone however there are plenty of stray dogs in Greece which are larger and appear quite aggressive, so Greeks particularly, are quite wary. Some of the dogs can be let off the lead but when they are all rushing around together it could seem quite daunting.
As the time approaches, and I shall be on my own, I’d better get organised.