Princess is resting

Following her 24 hour fast, no food last night or this morning, Princess and I were picked up by Antonis at 09:40 to go to the new PAWS clinic at the former school building in Kalamos. The location is on the road out of Paleochora heading north through the mountains, the same way as we go to Chania. It is a lovely location with wonderful views of the mounts. Probably a bit chilly in winter though.

Antonis had already been to the Petrakis warehouse in Krios so we unloaded 80kg of dog food before leaving. We also had a stop at the post office, this time to collect the replacement battery for Antonis’ phone. Just as we were leaving Paleochora, and before we got to the mountain roads, Princess managed to throw up all over me. Not that there was much for her to up-chuck, only normal stomach content. I had taken the precaution of wearing clothes which I knew would be puked over so abandoned my fleece to the rear of Antonis’ car. Being the first customer of the day, she was give a sedative immediately and carted off for her surgery soon after.
I took a couple of photos, chatted to Sigi and Heike whilst waiting for the vets to do their work. Sigi told me that Five, who was there yesterday with Micky, was pregnant with no less than nine puppies. She was still in the early stages fortunately. Imagine trying to rehome that lot!
Princess came around fairly quickly and was handed to me in the blanket I’d brought for the purpose. Another item to be washed. Antonis returned from Krios and took us back to Grammeno. Princess is still resting in the storeroom in the large cage usually occupied by Millie at night. I will probably leave her there for the rest of the day unless she shows signs of wanting to come out. She was looking a lot brighter when I checked her last.
The German couple, who were here for three nights, have left and plan to go to Azogires following my suggestion. The other German couple in the camper plan to leave on Sunday to catch the last ferry back to Kythira. The island is part of a chain which stretches back to the Peloponnese. I understand the ferry is going for repair and refit. I was there a couple of times at the beginning of the century.
The weather forecast is talking about 24C tomorrow and Saturday for the holiday weekend. I doubt there will be a lot of customers, only probably some of Georgia’s friends. The next holiday from there is 5 June which is Holy Spirit [Whit] Monday. Unlike Spring Bank Holiday, which is fixed to the last Monday of May since 1971, Orthodox Holy Spirit Monday is always the day after Pentecost. Incidentally, the next time Western and Orthodox Easter occur simultaneously will be the day after my seventieth birthday. Another mind-bogglingly interesting factoid.
Pea, undeterred by his mother’s absence, appears to be in a particularly chewy mood today. Consequently I have given him one of the huge rawhide chew sticks kindly donated by the Austrians who stayed here a couple of weeks ago. He is lying in the area just behind the windscreen, munching noisily.
I can hear Princess moving about in her cage in the storeroom so now may be a good time to release her. I will go to look.
She is now inside the compound, reunited with Pea and back in her house on the decking.