Another holiday bites the dust

The camping is now quieter as T1 and T3 are empty as the inhabitants left around lunchtime. Something to do with work and school they said when I spoke to them last evening. They come quite often as they are friends of Maria and Georgia. Their son came to walk the puppies with me one evening when the puppies really were puppies.

The English people arrived this morning at 01:00 and were greeted by Mikhalis. There was a missed call on my phone this morning so I guess he was not there quite when they arrived. I ran into them on my way to the supermarket and gave them all the information they really needed. I directed them to Houmas restaurant for coffee and passed them on my way back from the supermarket.  I saw them again later as I forgot to give them the WiFi password. They are staying for ten nights so doubtless I’ll see them around.
Despite the gloomy forecast telling me it would be cooler today than yesterday, it was hotter than yesterday so now takes the place of hottest day of the year with a high of 27.9C. It’s become a little windier as the day progressed but not seriously windy. As predicted there was a little rain in the night so I stuck my plastic tray under the leaky rear roof light to catch the drips. I’ll fix that roof properly after the summer so hope there will not be too much more rain.
Princess declined to join us for the walk this morning staying firmly on the blanket under the awning. It will be interesting to see if she comes this evening. She has not done much today although she has been up with me rather than lurking on the decking as on previous days. Five and Micky were up and about this morning standing outside the gate as we left for our walk. There was a little barking but not from my lot for a change. Five has been wandering around the camping and lying in the shade in various locations. She wanders over to see me if I pass by.
I’ve been working on an alternative weather website which gives a simpler, one page view of weather events. It does not have the same facilities as the other site but I feel it works better on the iPad and seems to load quicker. You can take a look at it here:
The other website is still operating and this is more an addition than a replacement. It is less configurable than the other one but easier for people to get the information they need as well as working on mobile devices.