Nearly but not quite

Despite the forecast talking of mediocre temperatures in the mid-twenties, we made it to 29.2. Not quite 30C as I’d hoped but we’re getting closer.

I looked in my bank account today to see £50 from you. Thank you very much!
You may have noticed some photos uploaded this morning. I moved Charlie and Millie out of the storeroom yesterday morning as we were moving all the stuff from within. Seemed sensible to make the entrance as clear as possible. I didn’t do anything about positioning their cages until bedtime so hastily dragged them in and put them on the decking as a temporary measure. This morning I acquired some pallets and relocated all the metal and other clutter I was hoping Antonis might take one day to recycle. He’s a bit busy at present so I come quite low on his list. If I really need something, he’ll come through, but I know he has bigger fish to fry. The cages are now located next to the wall of the workshop about where they used to be when the van was over there. I decided not to put the houses in the SDC as there are quite a few dogs in there so the cages would make it cluttered. There are nine dogs in there during the day but only three at night. Boris, Princess and Pea are the only ones outside daytimes. All of the houses are concentrated at the north end where there is shade and shelter from the fences and the trees. I may the houses down later in the season if there are people camped in the area north of the main compound and Erica and Janne are not there.
I had a chat with Jo this morning following a text she sent last night regarding her visit with the surgeon. She will be going into hospital briefly on Tuesday to have some more breast removed as the lab tests showed that the previous surgery, four weeks ago, was too conservative. It’s noting like the previous operation so she should be home the same day. I suggested she might ask the surgeon to fit a zipper! Apparently a mastectomy is unnecessary at this point but she will be having radiotherapy once this surgery has healed up. She seemed reasonably relaxed and we talked about dogs and such like. She likes Princess and Pea but realises she is not a dog person anyway. I think she finds dogs are a bit too energetic and demanding.
Georgia has returned to the camping as I saw her pickup parked outside her house. Stavros was not in today but I spoke to Mikhalis earlier. I understand Maria is still in Athens so it looks as though I’m dealing with the customers for a while longer. I don’t know why they went to Athens but I know Maria’s father lives near there.
I made a mistake about Tony and Ursula’s arrival. They arrive on 24 May and leave on 14 June. I had got it the wrong way around despite putting the dates in my calendar correctly. Ursula is already talking about their holidays in 2018. I mentioned that if they had left their camping stuff last autumn, they could have been camping in their favourite spot rather than having to rent one of the small cabins. I suggested they might request the new cabin as it is almost ready according to Mikhalis.
There will be freezing conditions here tomorrow as I have packed up all my winter shirts and put them away. Yes, I know, ‘ne’er cast a clout till May be out’. It must be getting warmer as Minnie was splashing about in the blue bath this morning. I have been using it for their drinking water during the winter. They will probably continue drinking from it despite Minnie’s ablutions. I’ve resurrected their plastic box from last year and put it on top of the plastic tomato crate which they seem unable to have demolished completely.
We’re going out a little later this evening as sunset is at 20:13 and it is quite warm still. Dave begins to struggle when it’s warmer. There are more people about on the beaches at present so I am walking half of them on the lead in the evenings so as not to frighten the natives too much.