Cleaning the ice machine

It’s always dangerous to be good at something. Last year I quickly dismantled and cleaned the ice making machine in the room where the washing machine lives. Georgia appeared yesterday, as I was feeding the dogs, to ask if I would do it this year. It’s not a particularly difficult job. Just a matter of removing the lime build-up around the water injector nozzles and cleaning the grot which has built up during the winter. It is now working and producing ice cubes.

Georgia also confided that Maria had seen the doctor and had tests whilst they were in Athens. It appears that Maria has some problem with her pituitary gland meaning that she will have to take things easy for a bit. Not really the thing at the beginning of the season. However I did volunteer to look after the reception during the off-season period from September. I’ve been doing it anyway since the girl left at Christmas. Apparently the bar will open on Saturday and snacks will be available. The restaurant will follow in due course. I am invited to partake of an inaugural glass of wine.
I understand all the locks are to change as there are so many different keys floating about. The lock to the mini-market has already been changed and I have a shiny new key! Georgia also told me to help myself to oil whenever I needed any and showed me where the best oil is kept.
Other excitements today included spraying my tomato plants to remove some nasty bugs and some general fiddling around.
Maria tells me she [they are] is going back to Chania today but will soon be back to take over the day-to-day running of the camping. Someone has cleaned the bathrooms as I discovered when I went for a shower just now. Soon I shall no longer use the bathrooms as the water in my hose pipe will be warm enough for an evening shower at least.
The high temperature today was 28.7C and it has been sunny for most of the day other than around 12:00-13:00 when there were a few clouds. The forecast temperature is often significantly lower than the actual recorded temperature here.
There are some more photos in the Matthew photo album. You can see his restoration projects.
Last night I watched The Graduate starring Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft. It is a long time since I have seen that film which came out in 1967. I remember hearing the theme music which was performed by Simon and Garfunkel. An album which brought them to fame with songs such as Scarborough Fair and Sound of Silence.