Cloudy and a bit windy

As it’s 21:20 and I’ve only just sat down having finished putting he dogs to bed.

Two more arrivals today and one departure tomorrow. Two Dutch vans arrived this morning and insisted on parking where they could use their satellite TV. I put them up with my Dutch neighbour Lau so they can all speak Dutch together and Lau can get in some practice before he goes home to Holland for the summer in a couple of weeks.
The English couple in T2 are leaving and the Austrian couple with two small children are considering taking it for a few days. Georgia asked me to see if I could arrange it tomorrow. She appeared in the camping this afternoon and waylaid me on my way to the shower. Things look definitely busier than previous years as far as I can see.
I did three lots of washing for customers and have done quite a bit of running around so other things remain undone.
The Austrian couple seemed very interested in the dogs as I was taking them for their walk this evening so maybe I’m in with a chance of rehoming one…
I need to get something to eat and to fall into a heap.