Yet more customers!

At 08:15 I was called to reception where a family from Germany were waiting. We had an interesting conversation about dogs and then I showed them the campsite. The mother and little boy are Italian but they all live in Germany. They managed to get their van with the roof up under one of the pitches near the beach. I now know that it’s possible.

Later I was called out again however Georgia had also appeared and taken the couple down towards the beach. This time it was a Dutch couple making a total of four Dutch vans in the camping right now. It’s nice to see Georgia getting her hands dirty with the customers. The conversation is always very short as her English is quite limited.
Earlier I was accosted by Stavros who told me that one of the customers had complained about their shoes disappearing during the night. He told me he found the shoes in Five’s bed, all chewed up. I explained to the customer that I’d talk to Georgia to see what could be done. These were Crocs so not cheap shoes. Georgia suggested I propose offering their stay for free which the customer accepted. We need to find a way of stopping Five from stealing the customers’ shoes as this could be a bit of a problem later in the season. That is Georgia’s problem.  Georgia had told me that Stavros was going to take Five but that had fallen through once he discovered she was pregnant. Stavros told me that he couldn’t have her as he already has one dog and that he lives next to a busy road where she would get run over in no time.
Yesterday evening as I was on my way to the showers I ended up chatting to Georgia about her dogs. She asked me if I vaccinated mine myself and I told her I did. She suggested she could get food from the cash and carry for me as it’s €5 per bag cheaper. I asked her how she protected her dogs from the dreaded Leishmaniasis and she replied that she didn’t. She also didn’t appear to understand how much of a problem it is in Kountoura. I explained that the dogs should be protected all the year round and suggested the product that I use. I told her how it works and how much it costs expecting her to drop through the floor with dismay. As it turns out she asked me to order a batch for her when I next order. That will not be for a while as I have some on the way. First she agreed to have the dogs neutered and now she’s planning to protect them from Leishmaniasis! What is happening?
I had an email from Manos to wish me happy name day which was yesterday. He says he has still not found a campsite to buy but will wait five years until the end of Georgia’s lease. I’d be happy to buy this camping as I reckon the site will be worth lots of money in a few years. The owners however would be absolutely crazy to sell it though.
The Austrian couple with the young children have decided that they will stay where they are by the sliding gate to the beach. I offered them T2 now that the English couple have left but they are happy where they are. We had a conversation last night as I was coming back with the dogs. Pea was loose as his lead was too short for him to be on it without him being strangled. As usual, they were all tangled up! Fortunately he behaved very nicely and they think he is wonderful. This morning I came back and all the dogs sat calmly and quietly whilst we talked for several minutes. Having them run around for 90 minutes beforehand probably helped. They are getting much better at meeting people. Everyone leaving the camping gets my email address in case they know of a suitable adoptee family back home.
Great excitement brought me out from under the awning to see Pea with a mouse. I rescued the mouse and took him outside to the wood pile which is still there… The mouse appears still to be alive but not moving about much. I think I’d better relocate it before I go out with the dogs in an hour or so as there is a good chance they will find it again.
The weather forecast still promises temperature around 30C for the weekend. Today has been a bit windy and the customers have mentioned this. I reply that it’s not very windy at all and that it gets a lot windier. After all, it’s an island in the middle of the Mediterranean so what do they expect?