It seems that I have been on the go all day. A customer appeared at 08:15 wishing to pay his bill which interrupted my morning regime of plant watering and dog feeding. Fortunately Maria will be coming to the camping tomorrow and will be responsible for reception.

Then there was the customer complaining about a leaking shower and that she cannot prepare food in the kitchen in her chalet. All the cookers are disconnected as obviously Georgia wants customers to eat at the restaurant and not cook for themselves. Fine during the season but not so good outside the season. At least now the central kitchen is clean however there are still some Albanian pots on the go.
I had a long conversation with Georgia about Albanians in the camping. She suggested that they should have separate toilet facilities and that she should add an amount which includes a woman to come in every other day to do some cleaning. I said that I keep one toilet for myself as otherwise there is no paper and I have to keep cleaning up. I showed her some of the toilets and the state they are in. Maybe we are getting there… I understand the reasons why she has the Albanians just that it shouldn’t be possible for them to trash the camping at the expense of everyone else. I think she is beginning to realise this. At one point she was talking about a separate toilet and shower for me however I realise that ‘talk is cheap’ and that doesn’t get around the problem of customers coming and the place being in a mess. I will write an email to Maria later with some suggestions. I think it’s better to write things down as then there is a permanent record and she and Georgia can discuss things in their own time.
Due to the various distractions I was a bit late getting on with my own stuff but managed to fit in a little snooze this afternoon. The day starts at 05:45 at present and we have another month until the longest day. A little snooze in the afternoon is required following all the activity of the morning. The Dutch motorhome and caravan left this morning but I was not around so Lau helped his countrymen extract their vehicles from the camping.
It has been sunny and warm with a high of 26.2C and the forecast is still threatening temperatures around 30C over the weekend.
One fly: terminated!
Ursula and Tony are in France at the moment and it is raining. They are looking forward to coming to Grammeno on 24 May which is now only thirteen days away. Ursula says she is happy to come out on the morning walks at 05:30! She wakes up early anyway and I think Tony is used to her not being there in when he wakes up. He sleeps late but she gets the fidgets when she can see it’s getting light outside.
I’d better swig down my cup of tea and get ready to take out the dogs. I keep getting waylaid either going out or coming back as we have quite a few young children in the camping who like to see the dogs. Obi skipped out of the door this morning so I had to go into the camping to reacquire him. Whilst there I passed by some of the campers where there is a little Italian boy. He took a fancy to Obi and was delighted to walk him around the camping and to pet him. Unfortunately their lifestyle doesn’t fit dog ownership as both go out to work all day and the live in an apartment in the the city. The parents however have a house with a large garden so there is the possibility of vicarious dog ownership I suppose.
Off now to walk them all.