Al fresco

Not someone from the Godfather but I have been showering outside due to the lovely warm weather. I showered outside yesterday and today. I also washed outside this morning as it was so warm. At 09:00 it was nearly 30C! I was wondering if we’d make it to 30C today but we nearly made it to 40C. 38.9C in fact.

This is what my weather website says about today’s weather in relation to previous years:

“The maximum temperature so far today is 39.0°C (102F) and minimum 17.7°C, giving an average of 28.0°C. This is 3.4°C more than yesterday, when the average was 24.6°C (max 29.5° and min 19.4°C). The long-term average for the station on this day is 23.2°C. An absolute maximum of 38.9°C was measured in 2017, while the absolute minimum in 2015 (12.0°C). Therefore so far, today is 4.8° above the long-term average for 14 May. Today’s maximum temperature of 39.0° is also the highest temperature overall measured this month. The minimum temperature for May 2017 is 12.9°, observed on the 3rd at 07:05. May 2017, with an average temperature of 21.8 °C, is currently 0.5°C above the long-term average for May (21.4°C). The maximum temperature ever measured in May is 38.9°C which was in 2017. In contrast, in 2015, the temperature dropped as low as 12.0°C.”

My assistant turned up yesterday evening to walk the dogs but I decided not to take them out as it was quite warm and there were lots of people at the bar and on the beach. He contented himself watching me feed them and then helped to brush Obi and Pea. I think he was heading my way this morning but I was on my bike on the way to the supermarket to buy bread and stuff.
I’ve not taken down the awning sides as there is the possibility of rain. I’ve just opened them all up half way which gives plenty of air. The new under-awning maximum for this year reached 42.6C (109F) today but it has now fallen to a more comfortable 36.3C.
I have rearranged the dog houses, putting the Princess and Pea houses outside behind the van, under the carob. Should it rain, these can be quickly brought in.
A certain amount of today has been spent sitting under the large carob tree reading and snoozing. This tree is developing the same lurgy as the other carob trees on the camping however this one has not been sprayed with the same nasty chemicals as the others due to the fact that they are detrimental to most lifeforms. I may get someone to come and spray my trees with a more ecological product which will sort out the parasite but not kill every other living thing for 20km. If the trees die it would be very inconvenient.
I’m not planning to take out the mutts again this evening as it’s so warm. They had a good run this morning and Dave has spent all day panting so a walk is definitely off the list for him.