Hot again but not like yesterday

My assistant and mother appeared again yesterday evening. I’d met mother earlier to say that I definitely would not be taking them out as it was far too hot to be tramping around the promontory. Instead Pietro and mummy watched feeding time at the zoo. Especially interesting as it was ‘meat night’ so there was greater interest than usual. They both left after feeding although reluctantly on Pietro’s part. At one point he asked his mother when she would be going as he wanted to have the whole experience for himself. They were up early this morning as they were visiting the Samaria Gorge so had a taxi waiting at 06:00 to take them to Paleochora for the bus. They walk the gorge and a ferry brings them back to Paleochora. I think Pietro will be too tired to walk anywhere this evening. It’s still quite warm anyway, also there appears to be little interest from the dogs as I think they find it a bit like hard work.

This morning I sent a photo to Maria and Georgia of the view from my gate. I framed it so that they would have the benefit of a view of the rubbish and all the items taken out of the storeroom but still lining the walls of the building or standing on the other side of the path. The icing on the cake was that the Grammeno Ferrari was then parked in the middle of it all so that it was impossible for me to easily walk past to go to the toilet or anywhere else in the camping for that matter. I received a reply that they understood and that they were sorry. This evening, the rubbish and stuff is still there but at least the Ferrari is parked in a space adjacent and I can actually get to the sink to fill Dave’s water bowl without having to clamber all over everything or take a 20km detour to Paleochora and back. An visitor, customer or otherwise, has to squeeze past to get to my gate.

When I had my shower earlier I noticed Pea lurking under the pallet which I stand on whilst showering. He didn’t bother to come out however I tried not to get him too wet. I’m not sure why he was there: presumably because it was his little domain.
A certain amount of excitement this morning from various clients as a result of the latest virus unleashed over the weekend. There was also a problem with the EG server due, as I discovered later, to a failed backup power supply. Terry was in a seminar all day so I ended up contacting the guy at the museum to get it back online. It was just a matter of bypassing the power backup device. Something which I’m unable to do from here. It’s all working again now which is the main thing.
I’ve been working on Matthew’s hut website. Not achieving anything concrete other than using the software to create pages and to see how they all fit together. Or not, as the case maybe.
The sun has now gone down behind the storeroom and there’s a bit of a wind from the east. This morning it was from the southwest and quite warm. It appears that this weather is coming up from the Sahara. We are still promised the possibility of rain on Thursday with a couple of cloudy days tomorrow and the next day. Still plenty warm enough I should imagine.
Antonis has been away for three days over the weekend playing at killing people with his AirSoft companions. It is a great annual event where they all get together from all over to have a massive AirSoft battle lasting three days. The amount of plastic pellets expended must be considerable. I gave him a small beer and he was beginning to look a bit drowsy, so I suggested he might like to go and remove the unwanted fridge from the Ammos Beach bar before he fell asleep in my comfortable chair.
No sign of my assistant so I guess he must have fallen asleep on his feet. I’ll get on and feed the dogs which I was putting-off just in case he showed up.