OK, so what’s going on?

Sunday we were sweltering with a Saharan heatwave and now it’s raining and I’m wearing a coat! Dave is a pretty good barometer of the weather as he declared he wanted to go into the storeroom earlier today. Rain is forecast for tomorrow and Thursday. It’s becoming more serious now as the ‘chance of rain’ has changed to 9 mm rain.

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 17.23.00.jpg
I bumped into Pietro and his mummy at the washing sink earlier. I invited Pietro in to see the dogs as I thought that perhaps he might find this marginally more interesting than watching his mummy washing his undergarments. On the subject of laundry, Michalis informs me that the washing machine is no longer with us and has been taken for repair. I just went into the store to discover a dirty, empty space where the wash machine stood. I doubt the space under the machine has been cleaned since I did a number on it in the spring of last year. I think there were three Syrian families living under the machine. I was there, not to admire the dirty floor, but to turn on the electricity in case some of the punters might enjoy a hot shower. The beach showers are both broken so the only option is to use the main bathrooms. This brings additional problems as the beach sand blocks the drains causing flooding. I doubt there was any hot water this morning so I guess there will be punters hoping for a hot shower this evening.
Since real rain has been forecast for Thursday, I felt it might be a good idea to apply some paint around the edge of the large roof light as it tends to pond in one corner then drip into the inside. I didn’t expect rain today so anticipated there would be plenty of time for the paint to dry. So long as there is no more rain, it should be ok.
Fido was released from the SDC on good behaviour as it was raining and there are insufficient dog houses inside the compound for them all to shelter. He hadn’t been out long before he started becoming aggressive towards Boris for no apparent reason on Boris’ part. Boris seems to have a poor sore paw at present which exacerbates his already frail humour. I’m not going anywhere near his foot unless it gets any worse and even then it will be a vet job complete with muzzle and sedation. The last time I tried to extract something from Boris’ paw it ended badly: I’m not going down that route again. Compared to Dave, who consents to being a canine pin cushion, Boris is a wimp! He also tries to bite your head off which I’m not really up for. Needless to say, Fido is back in the SDC so he will have to sort it out with the others who goes in which house. In any event, the houses are big enough for multiple occupants. It’s just a matter of finding suitably cooperative inmates.
I laughed my socks off this morning: Maria came to the gate at around 07:45 carrying a parcel delivered at the end of last week. I said it wasn’t urgent when it was delivered, so not to rush with it. She was calling my name quietly to attract my attention. Naturally the dogs heard her before I did so started barking. The fact that Micky was with her definitely didn’t help. She seemed surprised that the dogs heard her, gave me the package and said she’d come back later. As it turns out, it would appear that Georgia is no longer in the camping and now, neither is Maria. There are not too many punters so not really a problem. Only three German motorhomes and some Greeks in one of the Small Cabins. There are still some Albanians but they don’t really count. I suppose Maria was planning to tell me what was going on but I suppose it might have slipped her mind.
My little assistant and his family will be leaving tomorrow so I said he could come on the evening dog walk. There has not been an evening dog walk since Friday as there were quite a few people around at the weekend and it was too hot anyway. This evening, heat will not be a determining factor and there are now few people on the camping and I suspect the bar is not open.