The thunder never came to Grammeno

There were a couple of distant rumbles but it amounted to nothing. It became a lot cooler later so I was glad of my fleece when my intrepid assistant and I set off for the evening promenade. He was more confident and sat down, surrounded by all the dogs, giving them biscuits.

On our return they went off for a meal at Grameno restaurant and I fed and put the dogs to bed. There were a few spots of rain although that was about it.
This morning started cloudy although it brightened up. Pietro and his father Marcus were at the kitchen as I returned from the office so I agreed to entertain Pietro whilst they packed up their van ready to leave. Pietro amused himself with the dogs and a pot of biscuits. He’s got the hang of giving them treats now so I left him to it. Later, he came into the enclosure with me whilst I brushed some of the dogs. They went off to Paleochora to do some shopping and to get some cash to pay the camping. Later we said goodbye and off they went. I suggested they might wish to visit Chania old town and harbour on their way along the north of the island. They are heading to Sisi camping near Malia, where I went with Kieron and Danny at the turn of the century.
I spent most of the afternoon working out website building using WordPress. I have made a start on the Grammeno Adopt-A-Dog website which you can see here. This is just the beginning but at least it’s a start.
The sun is shining on my back but the rain is pattering on the awning overhead. I don’t think it intends anything serious by the looks of the clouds and Pea is unperturbed in his task of fighting with his mother. The other dogs are still sitting outside so they have not yet rated it as officially ‘raining’.
Georgia gave me an update on the washing machine situation earlier to tell me that, at eight years old, it is beyond economic repair and she plans to buy a new one. I suggested she might consider an industrial model however I suspect she will shy away once she discovers the cost.
The rain is making a more determined attempt so I have closed up the windows on the awning tent. The sun is still streaming in on my back from the west however there is definitely weather approaching from the east. Sensible dogs have gone into one of the houses to shelter, others are sitting under the trees hoping it will go away.
I’d better get them in and close up the houses…