It rained – we got wet

I didn’t think it would rain but I was wrong because we got wet. Memories of the winter months came rushing back as I trudged around feeding them in the damp sand. They were in need of a rub down with a towel before bed. I even closed the window and door on the van as it was quite cool. The kitchen window could not be closed as I took it off to fix it the other day when it was hot. Fortunately I had not yet removed the van door.

This morning was cloudy and cool however the temperature went up as the day progressed and it’s now quite warm and a little windy. The high for today was 25.3C.
I’ve done a little more to the adoption website and have been experimenting with a photo gallery in the Matthew website. Fortunately the dogs have been quite good today so I’ve been able to concentrate on my work. Now that there is someone here to do the bar and part-time reception, my duties in that area are completed. Dimitris, the barman, should be with us until September unless there is some transgression. Maria is not supposed to be working so hard which is why Dimitris is part time receptionist. I’m sure he’s happy to have a change of scenery anyway. I’m certain Maria is!
I put Princess in her house and Millie in hers. They both have a chew to keep them busy but only Pea seems interested in his as I can hear him chomping away behind me. Without a good supply of chews he tends to exercise his teeth in other, less desirable, areas.
Antonis came earlier to look at the van door gate as I want him to get me some metal mesh to put on the inside. I’ve ordered a replacement insect screen from Australia and I don’t want this one to get nibbled by Luis. He gets into a stew when there are dogs barking outside and tends to take out his frustrations on the insect screen. Why do I get screens from Australia? They seem to be the only ones that make them to measure. All the others are huge.
I don’t expect we will get wet on this evening’s walk.
I’ll talk to you tomorrow.