Already 30C and it’s not even midday

Antonis called by to drink beer and give me some papers I’d asked him to have printed for me. He wants me to build him a website in German, English and Greek to display the items from his shop. I’ve not had to make anything in three languages before but I’m sure I’ll work it out.

The evening walk happened last night although I only let Pea, Heidi, Fido and of course Dave run free. Obi and Minnie were still in the Dog House from that morning and I just couldn’t be doing with the hassle of letting off the others. As it turned out, there was a guy peacefully on the beach creating a wonderful watercolour of the coastline. Fortunately they were all on the lead before we encountered him or it could all have ended badly.

No sooner had I got back and fed them when I noticed the Grammeno Ferrari was shoved into the already small gap left amongst all the clutter outside the storeroom.  I wrote another angry email to Maria complaining that the only way I could go anywhere was to go out under the trees and I mentioned the rubbish as well. The fact that my visitors have to walk past/trip over all that stuff and that customers would be unimpressed.

Georgia turned up this morning in a placating frame of mind promising the removal of the rubbish in the next few days (!) and telling me to shove the Ferrari anywhere I choose should absent-minded Stavros park it there again. Alternatively I was to come by her house and give her a shout. I’ll be brave and move the Ferrari.  Anyway, I told her I was busy and excused myself.

I was awake around 05:00 today and so up and out at 05:30. We were down the end of the Promontory before 06:00. There was the vestige of a moon and also Venus(?) in the east sky. In fact I actually watched the moon rise earlier. Boris still seems to have foot problems so was unenthusiastic about his ball. We were back at the camping by 06:45.

Gary, the English guy from Nottingham, came to ask to borrow my bike to go into Paleochora to buy his ferry ticket to Gavdos. I had to tell him that it was unavailable as a consequence of the seat pin shearing off yesterday morning on the way back from the supermarket. He said he was quite tired as he’d been up all night taking pictures of the stars from the Promontory. He showed me a fantastic picture of the Milky Way, the barred spiral galaxy you can eat between meals. I’m going to ask him if he has a website showing his work somewhere.

The day got a little hotter as it progressed with a high of 31.7C. We went out this evening complete with Dave. I suspect it was too hot for him as he was beginning to struggle a bit. Added to that, progress is less than rapid, so it’s not so marvellous for the others. I might stop taking him in the evening with the others and go for a short Dave walk after his food when it’s cooler. There were customers at the Grammeno bar this evening as well as at the restaurant. I’m not sure what fare is being offered at present, probably fairly light meals as there are not really enough people for much else.

Gary had returned from Paleochora having purchased a ticket to Gavdos and says he will return to Grammeno following his trip ‘overseas’.

All dogs have been fed and are in bed so I’m going to have the remainder of the day off.

Tony and Ursula arrive tomorrow late afternoon but Ursula is unsure that she will be able to come on the evening walk as she might be too tired. The new metal, wooden tent, which they were thinking of occupying, is still incomplete so hopefully one of the others has been prepared for them.

I can hear dogs barking in the camping. Sounds like Micky and Five. Georgia might need to decide on how she deals with them before long. I saw Dimitris, the barman, chasing them from the restaurant earlier.