Ursula and Tony arrive today

For some reason Boris decided we all needed waking up nice and early as he was fidgeting and squeaking. Previously Heidi had been barking at something, so in many ways, the night was quite interrupted. I gave up at around 05:15 and sent a reply to Ursula’s previous message from the day before. She was in the car, ready to leave for the airport.

We got ready for the morning walk. Princess and Pea have been very slow at coming to get put on their leads in the mornings so tomorrow I plan to grab them as they emerge from their houses. Sometimes it’s a bit like herding cats!

It was still dark as we crossed the beach and there was only the smallest vestige of a moon. Boris seemed more enthusiastic than yesterday so I got him swimming out into the sea to retrieve his ball. I hoped this might help his poor paw. In fact he was still getting me to play ball with him as I tidied up his Boris compound later. Perhaps his foot is getting better.

Tony and Ursula made it to the airport and the departure lounge and I believe the plane departed on time. They arrived four hours or so later at Souda airport, Chania and are now at the camping. The new Small Cabin is not ready but they have one of the two in the central area opposite the small gate to the beach. Very near the location I spent the first six months. Georgia was at the bar when they arrived and they are now taking up her offer of a drink. Apparently the cabin is clean and ready with everything they are likely to need. Ursula brought me some very upmarket teas as well as some particularly yummy biscuits which I shall be sure to savour. She also brought some toys for the dogs but I have left it to her to give them to them. Boris has an illuminated ball and the others various tug toys. It will be interesting to see how well they share as some of them are quite possessive.

I was reading some articles earlier about tourism in Greece as I subscribed to GTP (Greek Travel Pages) a couple of days ago. There was an article in a prominent US magazine which put Crete as the third most desirable European holiday destination for Americans this summer. Germans are also likely to be coming to many of the hotels which have improved their standards. From what Ursula and Tony have said, Georgia gave a very warm welcome to them saying that they can move to the new cabin once it has been finished.

I am just enjoying one of the teas Ursula brought me with a couple of the biscuits. The tea is orange flavour with an extremely pleasant aroma too. These are very posh teas which come in little triangular nylon bags! I will be sure to raise my little finger appropriately when imbibing.

Yesterday, at 31.7C, was much warmer than today. The top temperature yesterday was 4C higher and there is a determined and chilly wind from the west this evening.

Ursula and Tony have retired to their boudoir as they were up very early to catch the plane. I suggested to Ursula that she might forego the evening walk and simply enjoy the freedom of not having to do anything for a change.