Thundery weather ahead – Boris’ favourite!

Bouncing around at 05:30 today but had to walk them on the lead as there were a couple of people about collecting salt. The Bulgarian guy and some other bloke who appears to have slept the night on the Promontory. We passed his bed yesterday evening and he was standing next to his 4×4 as we were walking back to Grammeno. I’ve not seen Kostas, who regularly collects the salt on an industrial scale. But then the stony beach kantina is also still not awoken from its winter slumbers and Kostas is friends with the guy who runs it. His brother was in the hospital at the same time as me and we gave him a lift one time with Antonis. I understand he is improving although I suspect he is only in remission and it’s likely to get him in the end.

The weather forecast has recently changed to reflect the possibility of a thunderstorm later. The earlier prediction was thunderstorms in the night (Friday/Saturday) and that still stands. It maybe that we are into a few days of unsettled weather which is not so good as it’s a Holiday Weekend. Incidentally, I forgot to mention that yesterday was Ascension Day but then I suppose you already knew that.

I had some shorts festering in a bucket for a couple of days so I decided I’d get my act together and actually rinse them out and hang them up to dry. Not really critical as I have others but festering washing goes off after a while.

Nearly all of the washing was dry by the end of the day other than the two fleeces which I’d left to soak. They were embalmed with various doggy footprints and worse.

Ursula came round for a cup of tea followed by a session on my old MacBook which I set up for her in case she wants to transfer some of her FaceBook blogs over to her new blog. Trying to work on a blog using a small mobile device such as an iPhone is a little like the old joke of the gynecologist who insisted on painting his hallway through the letterbox.

Tony was encouraged to join in with the evening walk so I gave him Obi and Pea to look after. Since the weather had been variable during the afternoon I hoped there would be no one out on the Promontory. The morning walk had been less than satisfactory since they were mostly on the lead so I hoped they could have a good run around. Just after they were released they ran off into the distance barking at a lone figure on the rocks. The individual appeared not to be concerned by a gang of barking dogs and disappeared to return with others in another location. We wandered towards the four people who, it transpired, were a group of French staying at Grammeno. I spoke to two of them whilst Ursula spoke to the others. They were interested in the dogs, the Greek experience and way of life. We stayed out until nearly dark whilst the dogs raced about chasing each other and generally having a good time. They watched whilst we got them back on their leads and gave them some biscuits. Even Princess was allowed off the lead and managed to resist the temptation to ‘herd’ people by nipping at their heels. It was nearly dark by the time we got back to Grammeno so they were looking forward to their food and a drink. By the time I’d fed them and dealt with Dave, it was quite dark.

Dave didn’t get a walk as it was so late.