It rained!

I took the precaution of taking in my fleeces from the outside line when I let Pea out for his final wee of the day. I have a feeling that he will not need to be let out last things soon as I’m sure he spends more time messing around and sniffing at things rather than actually doing anything productive. He also receives a couple of biscuits for going back into his house quickly and I’m not sure that this is not just a means to an end as far as he is concerned.

There was 0.75mm rain starting at 01:00. I was asleep so didn’t hear it. The decking was wet when I got up at 05:40 as were the dog leads I’d left outside. There was a message from Ursula saying she was already up however I was a little later due to the cloudy sky so she thought I’d already gone as nothing stirred when she crept up to see if we were in or out.

They had a good run around and we were back at 07:15:36


From the dull start the day became sunnier and any moisture from the morning’s rain disappeared. It’s been a bit of a quiet day so I’ve spent time fiddling about on computers.

Antonis just called for some money as I asked him to pick up some medical stuff from the pharmacy for Dave. He tells me that there will be some villas build in the area of the field where the excavator has been working. He was apparently chatting with someone who has something to do with the project.

Tony came on the evening walk: two days running now! There was another dog on the promontory which I recognised from the camping. Fortunately all of our lot were on the lead except Pea and Heidi. She did a bit of barking but that’s about the extent of her input or output, as the case may be.