Chilly and wet

At least it held off whilst we were out: only a few drops as we got back to Grammeno. We put them in to their compounds and then it started to rain. There had been various flashes since we left but the clouds were building to the north affording us a good view of the lightening. We had a cup of tea and listened to the patter of the rain on the awning.

As it was a little cool again, I thought I’d do a bit more on the various fences. I lowered the bottom tension wire the whole length of the south boundary yesterday but had not fastened the bottom of the chainlink in the SDC as I reckoned they would probably not be escaping anytime soon. The wooden fence the other side might also have been a bit if a barrier. Trying to crimp the chainlink to the wire whilst being ‘helped’ by Millie, Minnie, Heidi and Oskar is no easy task. Millie decided to put herself wherever she could see I’d be working whilst Minnie sat on the old cushion I use as a kneeler. Oskar and Heidi contented themselves by licking my ears or any other part of my anatomy. Fortunately only my knees were easily accessible as, not only was there light rain but it was also quite chilly. I finally secured the chainlink to the wire and then fastened the top of the chainlink to the top tension wire on the other side of the SDC. Using these crimps is much better than using wire as there are no sharp edges to catch your clothing. Not bad going as it’s only taken me a year to replace most of wire with crimps. At least now Antonis has enlarged his customer portfolio and even asked if it would be possible for him to bring a customer to see my decking. Following all the problems doing my decking, Antonis said he had done his first and last decking and fencing job. Time appears to have changed his mind. He also sees that using the crimps results in a far better job which is quicker to complete whilst the individual crimps cost about €0.01 each.

I decided to do a little IT work when the light rain turned to not-so-light rain. I’ve been doing some maintenance at LBS as they are not working today.

Greece has a Holiday Weekend next week as it’s Whitsun which is still celebrated: not some Spring Bank Holiday event. Hopefully the weather will have recovered its poise by then. It’s all very well having temperatures to nearly 40C in May but it plays havoc with my delicate constitution when it all turns glacial again. The door is even still on the van and I shut the roof in the evenings! The dogs are mostly curled up rather than stretched out and even Dave is not panting!

The afternoon has been warmer with a little sunshine. In the awning tent it’s plenty warm enough and I even have the east end open a bit. Tony and Ursula have gone to downtown Paleochora for ice cream but I think it’s too cold for that. She says she’ll be back in time to take them out for their evening walk.

The CJ at Skippers blanket has survived another wash although I feel it is not in such pristine condition as it was fifty or so years ago. I wonder if we could claim on the guarantee?

The CJ at Skippers blanket still survives fifty years on. Perhaps slightly the worse for wear now. Pea has made his small contribution.