A busy day

We were on the road at 05:30 and back by around 7. They had a good race around so, if it’s busy in the beach, they might not go out this evening.

I did some work for LBS over the weekend and he told me his phones were out this morning. Apparently a fuse had blown in some ancient junction box, so the BT technician said.

Then EG were having no incoming mail and I discovered that the disk on their mail server was at capacity so the server had stopped receiving mail. It was a matter of moving the mailbox database to a less-full drive which took a little while. I got to chat to a couple of the ladies so we managed to fill up the time easily enough.

Fortunately today has been much nicer than yesterday so the dogs have enjoyed the sunshine as have the people on the beach. Ursula tells me there are quite a few on the beach and in the sea. For me the sea is far too cold outside of August and September although Ursula enjoyed her swim she said. Normally she goes regularly to the swimming baths when at home as it’s part of her fitness regime.

I’ve not heard from Matthew so presume he has sold both of this Shepherd’s Huts and taken a week’s holiday in celebration. He was out at Laughton this weekend at a steam fair. No doubt there will be another barrage of photos soon. I will clear the shared folder.

I’ve been in most of the past two days as I’ve been busy doing things with computers. I hear some of the punters have gone but, as this weekend is a holiday, it should be busy. Maria has even allocated Ursula a private parking space for her car! They seem to be taking a lot of trouble to he helpful and considerate.