Holiday weekend lie-in

Saturday night was quite active in the camping as I could hear Five and Micky barking over the other side. Fortunately my lot were well behaved and managed to make very little noise. The increased number of campers also adds significantly to the general noise level. Friday was less noisy but the dogs had to get used to having people around them again so there was a little tension and some outbursts from within the compound.

In honour of the Holiday Weekend status of the day we had a well-deserved lie-in until 05:25. Ursula was about to phone me to wake me up as it was so late! Consequently the day has been just rush, rush rush from that moment onwards.

It was warm and still as we walked down the Promontory. I frogmarched my lot out of the camping as quickly as possible to avoid any risk of running into Micky or Five. I guessed there would not be too many people pleased at being woken at Silly O’clock on a Holiday Sunday.

Having let mine off at the entrance to the Promontory, I was able to catch Ursula. It was still dark enough for Boris to play with his flashing ball, at least for a while. We were at the end of the Promontory when, suddenly nearly all the dogs disappeared: a few moments barking followed and then they reappeared in small groups leaving only Luis and Princess behind. I wondered who would be out at that time of the morning as it was still not yet six am. It turned out to be a couple of guys and a small boy who have run into the dogs on previous occasions. There were less dogs on those occasions but I doubt they bothered to count. The dogs get quickly bored if their victims are known to them which is probably why they returned after only perfunctory barking. Fortunately Luis and Princess feel it their duty to keep up standards so continued to serenade the party despite being on their own. The men and boy appeared a couple of times later on but, by this time, the dogs were properly bored with them and barely a head was raised.

We continued on, ending up on the beach for a little swim. The hydrotherapy is improving the state of Boris’ front paw so he has almost forgotten about his poor sore paw. Back at Grammeno we encountered Micky who was wandering about not far from the compound gate. Fortunately only Princess gave a few barks. I managed to steer them purposefully towards the gate and into the compound where they could be released. Ursula was less lucky and there was a short outbreak of barking. Still, if Micky is allowed to roam the camping, these things are going to happen.

Much of my day has been taken up with nothing much really. A little computer stuff, some online shopping in China, news reading and aimless Web browsing.

It has been quite warm with a maximum of 31.9C accompanied by a westerly wind.

I’ve not been out much as Ursula was kind enough to pick up some things from the supermarket and a loaf of bread. I wandered down to deliver Oskar to their cabin so that he can continue his solo sessions with Ursula and Tony. Oskar is a bit afraid of everything but quite a lot braver when he’s with the others. The aim is to try to make him a little more independent and perhaps help him to overcome his fearfulness.

I fixed the Pea-sized hole in fence of the SDC yesterday afternoon however Pea was nowhere to be seen. He reappeared later, so must have been somewhere inside the compound. I went into the SDC earlier on a couple of occasions but didn’t see Pea. It could well be that he is under one of the houses or one of the pallets. I’d love to know where he goes during the day.

We didn’t go out for the evening walk as the camping is busy so would prefer not to have to run the bar/restaurant gauntlet where Micky and Five are likely to be lurking. Tony and Ursula went off for something to eat whilst I put the dogs to bed having fed them. It takes that little bit longer as I have to measure out their individual dose of medication to keep leishmaniasis away. Sunday is one of the ‘meat nights’ so they are keen to eat the food laced with the medication

Still 22.9C at 21:30 and I’ve just fed and medicated Dave. He has his saline drip in the evening so it takes a little longer. Feeding him is very easy as he loves the special diet so gobbles it all down in a few moments. I take the opportunity to stab him with the 18G needle which delivers the saline as he munches. Since the weather is now warmer, following a long, quite cool spell, there is now an abundance of little insects, mostly moths, which are attracted to my head torch. They fly around my head and into my glasses as I try to give Dave his food and medication. Something I could well do without. Once the food and the meds are out of the way, I change his drinking water and then leave him to it. I often wander past on my way back from the loo at my bedtime.