Another lie-in!

It was a bit dull this morning so my little brown alarm clock slept in. I woke up when Ursula sent me a text to ask if I was up. We managed to escape the camping almost undetected however it was a different story on the way back. Obi had decided he’d join Micky who had broken loose so was trailing a lead. This resulted in a bit of a cacophony when we re-entered the camping. There was also a certain amount of barking when the dogs discovered that Salt Man was there and his 4×4 was parked at the end of the Promontory by the rocks. They all dashed about barking and he generally ignored them. The highlight being when he moved his car and they chased after him. It was at this point that Obi decided to return to the camping rather then to find me.

We had tea and Ursula managed to reacquire Obi who was lurking in the communal kitchen.

It’s not cold today but it’s also not sunny either. What sun there was was much earlier and this has given over to an almost completely cloudy sky. There was even some rain earlier but barely enough to wet the sand. Dave decided the weather was unsuitable so asked to be put back into the storeroom. Millie is in her house for being noisy as is Luis. I’ve been trying to put together an eBay advert for Matthew so needed to concentrate.

The eBay advert is ready and has been checked by Matthew. Hopefully we’ll have both huts sold by the weekend…

Ursula has just returned Oskar who she says has been a delight. He was a bit scatty the first time he went to Tony and Ursula alone, as previously he had been with Heidi. Oskar is not generally very happy when he’s alone which is why he is undergoing this socialisation program. He got a good brushing so now looks very handsome indeed. A few drops of rain caused Oskar to be invited in to Tony and Ursula’s cabin where he made himself at home.


More drops of rain are pattering on the awning above my head. I decided, as it is cool, that it might be a good idea to rake the SDC as negotiating their compound in the dark can be hazardous. Usually, in the morning, I do not bother with a torch as I do most things by touch as I can generally see enough without one. Anyway, I like to surprise people by appearing unexpectedly out of the gloom. With eleven dogs, I suppose that is pretty unexpected.

The rain is now pattering more meaningfully on the awning so I might even need to close down the roof vents in the van. Once the rain starts to bounce, it comes inside. Roof vents now closed. All but Oskar have found somewhere it shelter from the rain.

Mikhalis collared me as I was coming back from the loo. He has to be pretty desperate if he wants a conversation with me as he speaks only Greek. He told me that Stavros has left, which is a bit of a shame as he makes a good job of keeping the site tidy. He rakes, waters and takes away the rubbish.

Mikhalis was showing me the poles for putting the umbrellas up on the beach. Normally they hammer great stakes into the sand however he said he had more success with concrete block attached to the poles and then buried in the sand when he was working at Elafonissi. He told me it gets extremely windy there and that he was able to lean into the wind without falling over. All 90+ kg of him: I thought it got windy here!

The shower continues and Oskar has decided he’s had enough and gone inside somewhere. Blitzortung, the lightning detection organisation has sent me an alert of a strike 138km away. There’s lightning over the Greek mainland and much of the Balkans, also something my be coming our way from North Africa.

The rain is persisting so I have pulled the covers over the outside cages and over Oskar’s house too. The SDC compound looks nice when all the stones are raked out of the way.

The rain total for today stands at 1.5mm. It got a little blustery at one point before calming down with clearing skies. I took the opportunity of feeding the dogs and Ursula disappeared to see if Tony was awake. They’d been to the pizza place in Paleochora where Tony had received a complimentary half litre of wine. Churlish not to accept…

Dogs all fed and in bed so I’m planning to have the remainder of the day off.