Happy Election Day!

I’m just SO sad at not being able to enjoy the thrill and excitement of the UK General Election. I might laugh my socks off should a party other than the Conservatives win!

A few spots of rain fell as we set off into the darkness this morning, Boris clutching his flashing ball. There were no new tyre tracks leading to the end of the Promontory. The rain has rather put paid to salt gathering for a while. Kostas was busily pumping water yesterday, but without much sunshine, and rain in the late afternoon, there’s no salt to collect today. Despite not having Kostas to bark at, the dogs enjoyed themselves racing around as usual.

Boris’ flashing ball was purloined by Charlie who carelessly left it somewhere as we were preparing to come back. There were a number of rumbles and flashes whilst we were out and I began to get the idea that rain was coming our way. We hastily got the dogs back on their leads and hot-footed it back to Grammeno only just in time. I was first in so went back to take some dogs from Ursula so that we could get them into their compounds and us under cover as the big drops started to fall. Only just in time before the rain started, accompanied by a series of thunderclaps and then one really big one to get all of the dogs barking.

We drank some tea and watched the rain fall outside whilst Boris barked at the thunder in the background. After a while, the rain stopped and I took the opportunity to feed the dogs and Ursula slipped off to the bakers and supermarket.

Slowly the sky cleared and the sun broke through. The sand is dry and the dogs are sleeping in the shade. Both ends of the awning tent are open again but I can see some clouds building in the distance. Blitzortung shows plenty of storm activity over Northern Greece and Bulgaria, around Plovdiv in particular. Considering it’s June 8, the weather is a bit wonky.

Storm activity over Eastern Europe

A few customers are cluttering up the camping and there is a large British motorhome opposite Tony and Ursula inconveniently blocking their view to the beach as well as the small gate. Oskar, who has joined Tony and Ursula for some more relaxation therapy, seemed unperturbed and quite relaxed.

Antonis has just arrived bearing my card having purchased another 100kg of dog food. This time he had the guy from the warehouse deliver and in future, this will be the way it’s done. Chatting with Antonis as the guy unloaded the food, he mentioned he’d weighted himself to find he is now heavier than the dog food order. He’s threatening to go on a diet. I helped him on his way by asking when his baby was due.

From cool, damp and stormy this morning, it was 31.9°C at 14:00 but now to a more comfortable 29°C as a result of the wind change from north to southwest. The  humidity is still around 60%.

And then, all of a sudden, the clouds came over, the sky darkened and down came the rain. As in a lot of very hard rain. So far 18.4mm with quite a strong wind and some hail stones battering the roof of the van. A river is running through the SDC but fortunately the houses are up on pallets with the dogs cowering within.

The final total is 23.1mm rain in just over an hour. That’s nearly 1″ of rain for the hard of hearing. The water flowed to the lowest point in the camping, which is the nicest places down by the beach where most of the tents were. The tent people were a bit flooded out as was the British motorhome. They had gone out and left the roof vent open with their MacBook laptop under the vent. They returned to a flooded van and a dead laptop. Something like £1,500 worth of dead laptop. Georgia was on the job immediately. Dragging the peoples possessions from the flooded tents and moving them into the empty small cabins. A couple of French girls were right at the end by Georgia’s house but under the trees. They have now moved into the new cabin. Later all the flood victims were invited to the restaurant for a meal. I had already been invited but magically there was enough food for an additional ten people or so. There was not much left at the end however.

My compound is covered in a layer of mud from the top of the camping. Fortunately the houses are mostly dry – well done Antonis! Boris found himself in his house at the centre of a lake.

Boris’ house surrounded by a lake