No more rain today

Following the intense excitement of the rain and flooding at Grammeno, today has been a lot less exciting. I understand there may have been some sort of an election in UK yesterday and that now the Conservatives are in some unholy alliance with the Irish. Serves them right.

The sand on the Promontory was hard and clean this morning as we tramped down to the end. Ursula was well ahead of me as she finds soft sand difficult. I wasn’t sure what Kostas would do as the rain had rather put paid to his salt business. He showed up somewhere around 05:30 and started pumping out the rock pools before refilling them with salt water from the sea. All of the previous two day’s work was for nothing as the rain had filled up all of the pools. He seemed positive and threw Boris’ ball a couple of times. Charlie appeared bearing the non-flashing, flashing ball then Boris proceeded to lose the tennis ball. The flashing ball was abandoned by Charlie yesterday, fortunately he remembered where. Win some, lose some.

We had a long walk as we were back well after 7am and it was only 05:10 when I sent a text to Ursula who had been up and dressed since 04:00. We’ll go out later as there are not that many people in the camping and I doubt there will be many on the beach.

The damp people from yesterday have been drying and cleaning for most of today. I sat in a sun lounger for a while watching people beavering away. I felt I was in a much better position than they were. Millie came to see Tony and Ursula today. Normally Millie makes her presence felt however today it was hard to see if she was actually present. That left scope for Heidi to take over her role as noisy dog back in the compound. A couple of German ladies came over to see Millie and she performed faultlessly. Hopefully we can work out a way to get her to UK so that she can join her new family. She’s back with me now but loose in the main compound as she can be trusted not to eat shoes or rifle the stores. She enjoys a bit of a bark at Mikhalis though.

Ursula bought vegetables from the supermarket and some dead animal on a stick for Tony. I thawed out some lentils which I’d frozen following a glut of mangled tomatoes a few months ago. There are not many veg left and only a little lentils. Ursula BBQ’d the vegetables on the camping facility and we munched under the awning on the decking.

I had planned to take down the awning sides the other day but thankfully lacked the motivation to actually put the plan into operation. At one point yesterday afternoon I had to close the door as large hail stones and water were coming in. I realise that water had come in the door to the storeroom when I went to feed Dave later. Fortunately the afternoon’s food delivery had been put well inside the store out of the rain. The food bags can resist some moisture but are made of paper so tend to fall apart. 20kg of dog food goes a long way on the floor!

The rain has brought out lots of flies and mosquitoes so we’re going to be bothered by them for the next few weeks. They seem to all hatch out when it rains. Some of the flies bite which is particularly annoying for the dogs. I applied loads of product to Dave however Fido was still needed to defend Dave against the biting flies.

There’s a bit more wind which is a help but I expect it will die down once the sun sets providing open day for the insects. My replacement insect screen has not arrived from Australia as yet. I am still awaiting the arrival of wire mesh to put on the stair gate to stop Luis taking out is frustration on the new curtain. Antonis is quite busy but he needs to go to Chania to get his car fixed so I’ll order some meds for Dave and hopefully he’ll pick up the metal mesh at the same time.

The evening walk was uneventful but very pleasant. No one about considering it was a Friday. The sky was particularly attractive and there was a warm, gently breeze from the west. I managed to deal with all the food without a torch until I got to Dave, as he is in the storeroom. They munched and were ready for bed.

I finished off the episode of Lewis I started the other day, ate the few remaining lentils and an orang before going to bed.