Stuck in the mud (well, sand actually)

Obi tried to get me up at 04:50 but I resisted until 05:05 whereupon I sent a text to Ursula who was standing outside the gate shortly after. It was dark but there was a full moon so I could see all that I needed. Boris’ non-flashing, flashing ball doesn’t seem to want to stay on unless you push the button. Hardly convenient when one wishes to throw the ball. We bounded across to the Promontory without catching up with Ursula as she was well ahead due to the still hard sand. Kostas wasn’t there either. What a lay-abed! I was down at the end of the Promontory before my watch informed me it was 05:30 and time to get up.

After a while I could hear the sound of a revving engine in the distance so expected to see Kostas appear soon after. We eventually caught sight of him marching purposefully across the rocks presumably going about his salt business. It was only after we’d gathered up the dogs and were leaving the Promontory, did we find out why the sound of the motor was so distant. Kostas’ 4×4 was stuck in the sand at the entrance of the Promontory so he was sitting on a large boulder waiting for a mate to come with another 4×4 to pull him out. He took the opportunity to wind up the dogs: any inhabitants of CBV would probably have awoken from their slumbers just after 07:00. Maria was sitting at a table by the bar with her earphones on as we walked back. Five and Micky were close by. The rest of the camping were mostly asleep.

It’s 09:35 and already 27.1°C so I expect we’ll get over 30°C if the wind doesn’t get up. Later I will confuse Tony with another different dog. He no sooner gets used to one before I bring another. Today I think it will be Minnie’s turn. Like Millie, she’s pretty much socialised. Ursula said Millie was delightful yesterday and made hardly a sound. Unlike when she is here with me!

Antonis called just as I’d started my weekly phone call so I sent a text saying I’d meet up later. Georgia collared me as I passed the bar to follow up on the bar camera installation. She’s going to Chania tomorrow so wishes to get cable to run up to the storeroom to the switch there. I came back later with a sample of cable for Georgia, to find Tony and Ursula having lunch. Georgia gave me a beer and some lunch too and we talked about camera installations. I had a salad with Mizithra followed by some moussakas. And delicious it was.

Minnie had been left by the cabin and remained beautifully quiet so was rewarded with some bones from lunch. I sloped off to do a couple of things including the possibility of a little snooze.

I spoke briefly to Steffi who arrived late yesterday. She’ll be here two weeks. I may envegal her to assist with the evening walk once Ursula has gone back to UK.

Tea as usual and then a walk around 20:30. There was still a couple on the Promontory Beach but only Heidi and Pea had the opportunity to bark at them and they returned when I called them back. It was getting dark as we came back to Grammeno and there were a few people in the bar and restaurant.

Antonis delivered my package, which is a clock project, whist we were out as it was sitting on the table under the awning when I returned. I doubt Boris or Dave even noticed him come into the compound.

There is a bright, full moon as I write this. The sky is clear following the rain the other day and there’s virtually no haze. I can hear Georgia’s dogs barking in the background but my lot are all quietly in their beds. It’s now 23:00 according to my MacBook.