It’s doing it again…

It was Boris this morning and, not Obi, who started the day. Boris was fidgeting about before 05:00 so I thought it a good idea to send Ursula a text at 04:59 just to see if she was on her toes. As expected, a reply came almost instantly. I felt she should get at least one text before 05:00 since, in a couple of days, she will be going back to UK. We were out in the dark with Boris’ flashing ball, which gets dimmer by the day. Kostas arrived around 05:35 but we’d already been there ten minutes by then. The dogs ran off as soon as they heard the engine of his 4×4 in the distance. They chased him into the end of the Promontory and he humoured them by making a circuitous entry. Kostas set about this work and this time had two large glass fibre troughs with him. These are presumably to contain sea water and to be used as evaporators.

We were out for a good two hours today so the dogs were quite worn out when we returned: the morning was fairly peaceful. I took Oskar and Heidi to see Tony and Ursula, tied them up outside their cabin and stayed with them until the other dogs started making a racket.

The dogs were barking because Antonis had arrived to drop off some wire mesh to attach to the stair gate to prevent Luis from destroying the new fly screen when it eventually arrives. It appears to have spent the last ten days in some Athens storage facility however I expect the reality is that it’s somewhere between Athens and here. He also had some saline solution for Dave’s daily drip. I get through around 25l per month.

Oskar and Heidi were so quiet that they remained unnoticed until I sent a text to say that they were there. Tony’s hair had got rather long so Ursula was cutting it when I went down with my clippers for her to do mine. It is a lot easier when someone else cuts your hair and she’s getting quite good at it now. In the middle of this, Mikhalis came to ask me if Georgia should buy 500m of external ethernet cable as that was the smallest size available. The cable is for the security camera Georgia wants me to set up in the bar. She wants to be able to check that everything is ok from the comfort of her sofa rather than sit in the bar half the night.

I went back to get a shower but stopped to chat to a German guy who is on his own with a pickup which has an interesting Australian tent on the roof. He says it is fine except in driving rain. More suitable to tropical rain. There were a couple of thunder claps so I let him take in his washing and I went back to deal with windows and dogs.

The rain is now falling gently on the awning but fortunately the thunder has stopped. Boris was getting in a stew again but is snoring in his bed now. Yet more rain in June! Nothing like last week but rain nonetheless. The last lot has brought out the flies so we are spoiled for them.

To give some idea about how Princess has changed: she jumped every time I moved for the first few days after she was found and was quite nervous for a couple of weeks after and is still quite untrusting of strangers. I just leant down to swat a couple of flies, which have been annoying me for a while, and Princess is right next to me. I killed the flies but she didn’t even move a muscle and continues to snooze quietly on the blanket next to me.

The sun is now shining and the storm seems to have passed according to the satellite images. Time to nip off to the showers as there will not be enough hot water for an Al Fresco but the solar collectors on the roof of the bathroom should make enough now that the sun is shining.