No flies on us – Not!

January was wetter than the wet January of the 2015 – 2016 winter. From then on there was little rain until the surprise 23mm in June. It has also been quite cool until the last few days. But now is the day of the insect, especially for flies. Eating lunch at the camping restaurant courtesy of Georgia, we were besieged by flies. Apparently it is something to do with the way they manage the greenhouses. They clean out all the plants but do not dispose of them immediately. This provides an ideal environment for flies to breed. As a consequence, we are now plagued with files, biting and otherwise. I put loads of anti-insect product on Dave and Boris yesterday as they were being driven mad by flies. Today things were a little better for them but I had to rescue Dave and put him in the storeroom due to the flies. Eating in the restaurant was not so much fun despite the breeze from the sea. There is talk of spraying some [ecological] product in the trees around the camping in order to drive off the flies. The biting flies are fewer but more annoying in some ways.

Once the dogs were settled after the walk this morning, I went down to the bar to talk with Georgia about the proposed CCTV and WiFi project. For a change, I drank coffee, Greek coffee for that matter. It’s nice when someone else is making it. Georgia has decided that she wants me to take control of the CCTV project and the WiFi project too. WiFi has always been a problem and the cable from the office is years old and has been rubbed by the trees and so on. I said that I’d be happy to specify the system and to terminate the cables. But that I wanted someone to do the donkey work as I’m not up for it. She says that, within reason, she’ll get whatever I suggest and that she’d prefer to pay more for something that works and that lasts rather than constantly struggle with a dodgy system. So long as I manage it. She is very keen on being able to see the camping remotely and for me to be able to keep an eye on things during the winter without having to keep coming out in order to see what is going on. I have proposed the UniFi system however Georgia says I can get whatever I like so long as it works and I can manage it. Anyway, I got a nice lunch into the bargain and, apart from the flies, it was very pleasant.

The dogs raced off to find Ursula this morning when we went out first thing. They wandered around aimlessly for quite a while but couldn’t find her for some reason. Being back in UK might have something to do with it. I think it will be morning walks from now on as it’s getting hotter and also Mikhalis’ brother will be walking Georgia’s dogs in the evening from 20:00. Mine will just have to accept the morning walk and put up with it.

Contrary to expectations, I received a reply from Lorraine about dog transport to UK. She tells me that regular transports are taking place between Chania and UK at a cost of £300. Unless you’re taking the dog as hold luggage on a flight yourself, this is the next cheapest option and does not require flying to Crete and back. I’ve asked her to provide details of what is offered and the next time she plans to do a trip.

At the office earlier for a reason which now escapes me, Maria was not there when a German family arrived. Two young children, their parents and their parents. The latter following in a motorhome. I showed them round the camping and mentioned that I had a small dog which might interest their young boy. They selected a place down by the beach which would allow them to put up their tent in the shade with the motorhome alongside. Georgia passed by and said it would be ok so long as there was enough room for people to get in and out of the gate leading to the beach. Later I returned to see that they were settled in ok and was asked where Pea was. I got Pea and the children and the puppy spent some time weighing each other up. Pea and the children were equally wary of each other however the little boy said he liked dogs. Pea and I then went to the bar to pick up some items left there earlier. He seemed quite pleased when I took him back and put him back into the SDC with the others.