Doggy dealings

00:55 bright headlights shone in the direction of my windows accompanied by voices in English. A late arrival no doubt but why leave the engine running and the lights on? More conversation and more tick-over… Dogs started to fidget accompanied by some yapping. I shouted, they shut-up. Lights went out and motor was eventually switched off. I fell back to sleep.

04:40 they tried to persuade me to get up! I resisted until nearly ten-past five! I was more organised today having put all the leads in the correct locations to enable me to have them hooked up and ready to go with the minimum of restlessness. Boris has started a bit of a trend of making pathetic noises so Fido joined in and I produced the ‘ray gun’, the ultrasonic bark stopper, in case anyone required a little zapping. Eventually, with all hooked up and ready to go, we escaped the camping environs and along the beach to the car park. I’d heard a small motorbike arrived so wondered if it might be the Bulgarian guy who collects salt. A figure disappeared towards the sea carrying something but I couldn’t recognise who or what. I decided not to let the dogs go immediately in case they went to investigate themselves. There was also a motorhome parked up, presumably with sleeping occupants.

Arriving at the sandy open area at the south end of the Promontory I decided to let them off to see where they went. Obi disappeared briefly so I released them one by one. The recent warm weather has taken away some of their energy, especially where Boris is concerned. He quickly tires of chasing his ball often abandoning it where he chooses. Telling him to find his ballaki usually does the job however he’ll stand looking around aimlessly unless I show some interest.

From the distance came a yapping from a certain white fluffy dog and I noticed that both Obi and Minnie had disappeared. I mulled over what retribution would ensue for this dereliction of purpose but considered also that it might get a little boring for more independent dogs.

We moved on and Boris abandoned his ball to Oskar who tussled with Heidi for possession. Boris wandered aimlessly and lethargically, the other sniffed and snuffled. In the distance I could see the figure of a brown dog running along the water margin on Grammeno Beach. I guessed it was Minnie and wondered where she had been. Moments later she was with the others and a little later, Obi too. I forgot about retribution – they go, they come back. I started out with eleven dogs and if I return with eleven dogs then what’s the problem? No collateral damage as the Americans would say. We were on the beach: yet more snuffling and scratching around. Boris involved with a rock in the water. Only a little chasing about so I decided to leave the beach to start collecting them up. Then it all kicked off with frantic chasing and running about, just as I’d planned to get them together. I reacquired those less interested in ragging about and picked the others off one by one. Difficult to organise so many dogs without arriving quickly at ‘Doggy Spaghetti’. All but Minnie and Charlie had returned so I started doling out biscuits to the attentive majority. Minnie broke off her ‘fight’ with Charlie because she is lead by her stomach. Finally even Charlie succumbed to the lure of the treats.

All present and correct, despite some absentees, so back to Grammeno and breakfast: theirs not mine, I hasten to add. Dave was coughing a bit as we approached, unmolested by either Micky or Five. He seems to be struggling a little now the weather is warmer as we only went on a short walk around the camping yesterday after dark.

Compounds sprayed, bath emptied and refilled as I sprayed the other end of the compound, then plants watered and dogs fed. I tried getting Dave from the storeroom out into the SDC before it got hot. I usually get him after I’d fed the others but it didn’t work out because it was hot, and the flies, so he’s happier in the storeroom. People come and go but he doesn’t see or hear much so maybe it doesn’t much matter.

Another hot day with a maximum of 32.6C. Even at 21:00, the temperature is 25.5C. I’ve been doing bits and pieces today including a diagram of the camping for the proposed new network, camera and WiFi project.

Camping network, camera and WiFi project

The circles show the likely reliable WiFi range. The plan is to cover as much of the camping as possible with the fewest access points providing the best reception.

I got a visit from Maria just now as they appear to have run out of dog food. I had a delivery of 100kg a few days ago so was able to let them have a bag to be getting on with. Georgia was in front of the TV watching a soap when I went down there so I told her about the image I’d sent and left her to watch her program.