The story so far…

04:10 Woken by a dog [Boris] making pathetic noises

04:45 Woken by dogs telling me it’s time to get up – told them to shut-up

05:14 Woken by dogs and got up for morning walk

05:30 Arrived beach car park to find Freeloaders’ car still there

05:34 Boris, Pea and Heidi released – Freeloaders woken up by barking (ha ha!)

05:38 Charlie and Minnie and Oskar released

05:55 Changed location and sat down whist dogs ragged. Even those on leads

06:00 Men with Small Boy appeared to catch Parrot Fish with leaves. Dogs barked, they whistled. Lot of noise. I’m sure Freeloaders could hear.

06:15 Moved to sandy bit by Small Beach. Dogs played and made a racket

06:30 Dogs gathered together and given biscuits

06:45 Back at camping. Dogs released. Watered compounds, plants, outside gate, picked poo

06:55 Distant chainsaw starts up. Only here would someone be using a chainsaw at 06:55 on a Sunday morning!

07:20 Feed dogs, collect up bowels and feed Dave. Inject Dave

07:30 Do washing up and give dogs remains of bread dipped in oil from plate. A morning ritual often with very little bread or oil. Olive pits thrown in dog run. Millie loves the olive pits

07:40 Sit down with cup of tea!

08:17 Sound of Small Children on camping

09:00 Surprise visitor arrives – Roula who has been attending a wedding in Kountoura. She came bearing gifts from the wedding so I don’t need to go to the supermarket now. She plans a trip to India and wants my help with something connected with it.

10:00 Surprise visitor leaves to collect various relatives to return to Chania

10:15 Continue transferring email content from June 2016 and June 2015 to blog – see new content in the archive section

I later had a visit from Sigi bringing her poorly computer. She was accompanied by her two sons. I saw this computer around a year ago and suggested it was nearing its end then. They are now looking into the purchase of a new computer.

Oscar and Millie are both out of the SDC and being allowed to spend time in the main compound. Millie decided to borrow my bar of soap which now has tooth-marks in it.

There are very shrill voices of children in the camping and I reckon there must be over one hundred of them. Suspect it was some event at the restaurant. All is getting quieter outside at present although Oskar and Millie are quite lively at the moment.

I think I might feed them fairly soon and work towards calling it a day. They really are quite crackers, especially Millie.

As I was feeding them some raindrops fell gently down. They were followed by some more forceful drops just as I put down the food. My evening routine got all mucked up as I hurriedly got things in from the rain and put dogs into houses. It turned out to be only a shower, just enough to get everything nice and wet.

Dogs all now in bed and feeling a little more relaxed. The evening has been punctuated by gunfire and various persons with noisy vehicles roaring about. Both Princess and Pea were frightened by the noise, so much that they didn’t eat their food until I put it in their houses when they went to bed. They probably experienced some similar event in the past perhaps.

Time for some food.