More FreeLoaders!

Up and at ’em just after 5am with only the vestige of a moon to show us the way. There is already light streaming over the horizon and reflecting off the sky, so enough to see by. A pickup with Chania plates was parked in the beach car park so I was alerted to the possibility of FreeLoaders. I let off a few dogs so it would be only a matter of time before one of them found where the FreeLoaders were camped. Sure enough, after only a few moments, Minnie found them as I could hear her barking in the distance. By this time it was 05:30 so that may have been a rude awakening. The others caught up with Minnie and joined in the chorus. During the time we were out, they must have gone back four or five times. Eventually I took pity and we set off back towards Grammeno and I gathered them up with biscuits as usual.

The day heated up quite quickly and it was nearly 30C under the awning by 09:00. Ursula had reported that she was out with her Minnie bright and early and that they’d had a very good walk. Not quite the same as walking with eleven dogs: somewhat more peaceful I should imagine. It is such a long time since I went with only one dog I’ve forgotten what it’s like!

I’d run out of several things so needed to go to the supermarket. Georgia, wife of the owner and I had a conversation about bananas and cucumbers. I like bananas to be green and certainly not over-ripe. There were several bunches on the reduced shelf which were designated for construction on banana cake only. She prefers yellow bananas and cannot understand my passion for green ones. She says that green bananas are more like cucumbers! The lady on the deli counter is now trained but I said that I didn’t want feta as I am doing a dairy experiment for a couple of weeks. I have a suspicion that cheese and yogurt may be responsible for excessive sneezing and blocked sinuses so plan to avoid all dairy for a while to see what happens. I think I might be heading in the direction of veganness.

Back at the factory, I’d left Janne in charge of keeping noisy dogs quiet and put the hose in jet mode on the fence so that he could zap them if they were noisy. It’s good that he can do it otherwise they think they can get away with it whilst I’m out and create a circus. Like when teacher leaves the room.

Things have moved on with the transport of Millie and Heidi to UK and it looks as though Ursula will be doing the deed. One slight complication is that the people who are taking Millie are going to be on holiday from 15 July so it will be necessary to find someone to look after Millie in the meantime. Not the ideal situation as it would have been better for her to go straight to her adoptive family rather than to a 3rd party.

Sigi, who brought her tired old computer to see me on Sunday is now the proud owner of a brand new machine. The old one had gone wrong a year ago and I suggested that repairing it again was similar to rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic. Her husband, Manolis, decided that perhaps they should splash out on a new machine and the boys could have the old one to play their horrid games. Sigi installed TeamViewer so that I am able to access her computer over the Internet and work on it at her house without having to go there. They line at Anydri where the restaurant is, and where the Internet is very flakey. We’ll get there in the end. Sigi insists on paying but she has done so much for me I will only accept her home made produce as compensation. She makes great jam and marmalade. She also gave me a litre of biological olive oil.

More problems with EG mail server rebooting and I’m not sure why. It appears to reboot at random times each day. Spent ages going through the server logs but nothing jumps out at me.

Obi, spokesman for all, is making overtures about food. I suppose I’d better go and comply.





9 responses to “More FreeLoaders!”

  1. Ah but they reserve special treats for supply teachers…

    The competition in marmelade is just too great – I resign!!

    1. I’ve yet to receive the marmelade so the jury is still out.

  2. Hmmph…
    E.G. Server sounds a bit of a challenge…looks like you are going to be busy with one thing and another!

    1. I’m checking it out right now.

  3. Hope it cooperates

    1. Rebooting now…

      1. Fingers crossed

  4. Hope the prob gets sorted

    1. Friday today so I have the weekend to get to grips with it

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