Summer Solstice

Today is the longest day of the year: from here it’s all downhill to winter. Other than the fact that we have yet to ‘enjoy’ the hottest weather which is in August and September. We did get nearly to 39C at the beginning of June which was a bit of a surprise.

All before 08:00

Dogs walked and fed, compounds cleaned, poo picked, plants watered and washing up done and EG mail server restarted following updates. Perhaps it will be more reliable today. As can be seen, the first three hours of the day are quite busy.

Kostas beat us to the Promontory today but only by a small margin. We saw his headlights as we set off from the camping gate onto the beach. I released all of the dogs at the beginning as I could see no obvious signs of FreeLoaders. Obi and Minnie stuck with us for a bit but eventually disappeared. Minnie was the first to reappear however Obi made it back just in time for biscuits.

I sat in the sand on the west side overlooking the sea and played with the dogs. Boris’ flashing ball has all but given up flashing but he still loves it. It is a lot easier than having to carry a ball thrower and it doesn’t get quite so yukky as a tennis ball. He likes it because it’s so unpredictable I think. It’s stuffed into his fence with his lead, ready for tomorrow’s walk. There was no argument when I called them to leave as I feel they must have played themselves almost out. There is a blissful silence at present however I suspect that situation will not last for long.

The silence didn’t last long but it’s been quite hot and lethargy has set in.  Sounds of children in the camping which is unsurprising as the school holidays  have begun in most countries. Always gets them a bit excited – all those shrill voices.

It looks as though Ursula may have volunteered as dog transport escort to bring three dogs back from Crete mid-July. Cretan Animal Protection will be running the show. They will go from Chania airport as Ursula’s dogs, one is anyway, probably to Paris or Brussels and then back to UK by road to avoid the problems of importing to Heathrow and the associated costs. Ursula will then have the opportunity to acclimatise Heidi to car travel before embarking on the trip to Crete in August/September.

Dave and I went for a walk around the camping at dusk and had a little chat with Steffi who tells me she is going back to Germany on Friday. Two weeks has flown by. She says she will be back in August. Not my ideal time to visit Crete. By then I shall be in deep hibernation.

Mikhalis’ brother asked if I’d have time to do the bar camera on Friday as he will be available to help. The plan is that I do termination and setting up and they do putting in of the infrastructure. We will see how that turns out. At least, in the bar, Dimitris will be on hand if there are any communications difficulties.