Camera job

It was dark when we went out due to lack of moon and sunlight. There was a car in the beach car park as well as a touring cycle parked, complete with panniers, by the side of the track. We proceeded and I let some dogs off. Boris was not interested in his ball and wandered off. We got to the end of the Promontory but no one was there. I let some more dogs off and we changed location to the ridge overlooking the beach. Boris sulked. Pea beat up his mother. The others chased each other around. I let Obi off and he didn’t disappear. I let Princess off just as Kostas appeared collecting salt. A little barking and running about then silence other than the fighting over the bone Heidi dug up. The bone changed hands several times. I threw Boris’ ball and he ran after it. Obi came back and disappeared again. It was coming up to 07:00 so we moved on. Still no FreeLoaders. I got them together and they panted and munched biscuits. It was already 28C. The coldest it has been since midnight is 23.4C. Walking back across the large beach there was a naked man. Presumably the one with the car. As we passed the touring bicycle I could make out the rider, clad in shorts and T-shirt, sleeping on the ground. Only a few meters away were unoccupied beach loungers. I know which I would have chosen. The dogs didn’t notice the man. We moved on and got back to the camping.

Mikhalis’ brother, Ξαντιππος (Xanthipos) was getting the rubbish as I rode off to the supermarket for bread. I found him after I’d eaten the bread and we discussed the cable job. The roll of cable is in the workshop and it’s on a drum of 503m. I understand it cost 150€ or so. That is a good price for that cable. On a drum it’s going to be difficult to handle as we don’t have a stand for it. I had one in UK. But that was then. I asked if he had a waterproof box to house the switch which needs to be half way. He said he’d make something out of wood to keep of the rain. I asked if there were any cable ties to attach the cable to the plastic water pipe which runs along the boundary fence. Lots of phone calls later, Maria has been dispatched to Paleochora to buy some. It is nearly noon, it’s hot and we have achieved very little. I plan to run the cable first through my section so I can then make up the ends at my leisure.

The cable job has finally commenced and has got to the half-way stage. That is as far as the new Small Cabin. The plan then is to run the cable to the cabin and install a switch since the cable run from the storeroom to the bar is too long for it to be only one length. The greatest problems that confront any project is that there are too many things going on at once making it difficult to get anything done without interruption. Ξαντιππος said we’d continue around 17:30 but when he came back he wanted a coffee so that was another delay. Now he has been called off to deliver a battery so work has again been suspended. Getting this sort of job done at this time of the year is crazy anyway especially as Mikhalis is not here today. Ξαντιππος was bemoaning the fact that they are expected to do everything between them but without any time to themselves. Working the hours they do means they get very little time at home. The good thing is that once the cable is in, I can do most of it on my own at a time which suits me.

The rain storm, a couple of weeks ago, brought to light another problem. Georgia’s dogs can go under her caravan out of the sun and rain. The problem is that the dogs have been digging so have undermined the caravan, putting it on a tilt. As well as any other job begging for attention, the caravan needs to be underpinned now that the rain has washed away more soil.

I noticed a new face at the bar/restaurant. This must be a new server to replace the couple who left two or so weeks ago. I wonder how long he will stay.

Janne has been working hard on his new decking to the rear of the van. He has been at it for most of the day whilst Erica had the good sense to go out to Paleochora on her bike to see a friend. Soon after she returned, Janne packed up, and now they have gone out for a meal I expect.

I can hear a distant voice but suspect we are unlikely to get much else done today on the cabling. Ξαντιππος is a big boy so is perfectly capable of getting on with it himself or coming to see me if he needs any clarification. As I wrote the last words, he came to see me! We are deciding whether the switch should be inside or outside the cabin. I’m going for inside as the power is there and the switch will be in the dry. A matter of bringing the network cables into the cabin in a box. I showed him the faceplate I had but not the back box for it. He says he’ll bring one in tomorrow.


All dogs, except Princess, are fed. Luis didn’t want his food again but it won’t matter if he doesn’t eat for a month or two. I think he is another one that doesn’t much like the hear. He also has a problem with one of his front pays but I don’t seem to be able to get to look at it. Princess decided to run the gate so is at liberty somewhere in the camping. There is already Five and Micky, so what’s one more to worry about? Maybe someone will find her adorable and decide to adopt her.

Increased noise from the other side of the field leads me to believe that perhaps the stony beach kantina has sprung to life after all. It is likely the fence will come down in which case, I can complete the removal of some more prickly plants and we can leave the camping by the Private Entrance II (the revenge). Especially since the former Private Entrance now has a water pipe blocking it. It was quite handy for getting out into the field if one of the dogs did a runner but I have my gate now so don’t need this anymore.

Still no sign of Princess however Mikhalis is back in the camping. I think he has been doing something with Georgia’s boat as I heard his brother mention this at the same time as the battery. I can mostly understand what he is saying especially when he goes off on one as it then gets a bit repetitive.

The dogs are playing reasonably quietly: Millie with Pea and Heidi with Obi out on the decking. Charlie seems to have taken over where Pea is concerned. The older dogs seem to like to play with Pea which is a good thing.

It has felt quite warm although the high was only 34.2°C. Maybe I’m getting a little out of practice with the hot weather. Plenty more where that came from I’m sure.

The sun has set, Princess is still at large and I think it’s time to start putting the dogs to bed.


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  1. Sounds like a typical Greek Day.
    Living in a tilted can doesnt seem like much fun.
    Not does being greeted by a gang of dogs when naked on a bitch.

    1. Have you not seen the film Barnacle Bill?

      The dogs were on the lead by the time the naked man came into view.

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