Ursula has a date

Kostas was there long before us today, sitting enjoying some coffee on a rock by his Jeep. Those that were free arrived first waking him up with some casual barking. The others followed soon after but had little choice other than to engage with him at close quarters. The barking eventually stopped and I was able to have a brief conversation. Kostas had to get on anyway. I let the remainder go as we carried on our way. Despite it being a mere 22C at that time, Boris found some enthusiasm for his ball. The others ran around a bit but seemed to be spending time simply lazing around. Obi disappeared but was a very good boy by managing to come back well before the end of the walk. We went to the Small Beach and they bathed. Still too cold for me to venture into the water but it’s getting warmer.

It was a good walk and we were back well after 07:00. They all seemed to be overcome by the temperature and flopped onto the damp ground. They were fed a bit late as I was trying to solve a problem with Mr Lawrence’s computer. I couldn’t fix it and have spent a lot of the day reinstalling Windows and putting things back to how they were. Hence no progress on the camera project. Last night I installed a routine Windows update and a software update but, for some reason, Microsoft Outlook, the mail program, was no longer working. I tried the usual installing and uninstalling but felt I’d wasted enough time and that a reinstall would provide a more sensible option with an almost guaranteed outcome.

Antonis came bearing a package from the post office containing my replacement insect screen from Australia. It seems that Australia is the only place where it’s possible to obtain a made to measure insect screen to fasten to the doorway of a motorhome. The last one came from there but was more sophisticated and more expensive. This one relies on Velcro to fasten it rather than the magnets of the previous. The problem with the magnets was that they stuck to the metal stair gate used to keep dogs inside the van during the summer. The gate is on the inside of the insect screen so the magnets were always sticking. This screen has a centre overlap but can be fastened with the Velcro as needed. I expect that its mere presence is enough to deter most insects but it can be shut at night to stop the dreaded mosquitos.

Until now the large rear window of the van has been closed but this morning I decided to open it. It’s a bit of a double-edged sword as when closed with the blind down, the heat from the afternoon sun is kept out. Open, more air can come in at all times of the day.

Janne, despite the temperature, has continued with his decking project. He has all of the base and the sides done now leaving the top boards to fasten. As ever, he wants only the best, so attention to detail means a long job. How he keeps going when it’s over 35C I don’t know.

I have the definitive answer to Mikhalis’ brother’s name from Antonis who texted me an Anglicised spelling. His name in Greek is Ξαντιπποσ which, when Anglicised looks like Xanthipos. I’ve not seen him today for that matter. Good news as I was too busy anyway. The capital letter Ξ is the same as for the word ‘EXIT’ in Greek which is ΕΞΟΔΟΣ quite a handy word to know on motorways or in case of fire.

19:30 and all the dogs are still flaked out. It is now only 31C.

I took Obi with Dave on his wander around the camping last night. We stopped at reception so that Obi (AKA Paris) could be petted by Maria and then we encountered Georgia heading out of the camping to go to Paleochora. She mentioned the forecasted 40+ over the weekend and reminded me of the need to make sure the dogs have enough water. I emptied and cleaned their blue bath this morning as well as their water box (catering plastic ice cream box). They drink from the bath mostly although I did fill up the box during the afternoon. Dave has two bowls in case he knocks one over and there are a number of others scattered about on the decking and around on the ground. Bois has a bucket in the corner of his domain.

The shredded remains of the old insect door lays in a heap on the decking. I think I will dispose of it but retain the magnets as they might be useful for something as they are small but very strong.

If things go to plan, Ursula will be flying out to Crete on 18 July with Olympic Holidays to arrive at 21:05. She will fly back the following morning on the 06:25 flight from Chania to Paris. Lorraine’s husband will meet Ursula and take her and the dogs back to UK. I need to figure out how to get Heidi and Millie to the airport at silly o’clock for the 06:25 flight.

Five and Micky are running around the camping barking loudly with the other dogs joining in. There have been people nearby applauding for some reason and there are some rather excitable young people wandering around in the camping. Heidi has been confined to barracks for barking loudly as well as ignoring my instructions to desist. If all goes well in the next three weeks, two of the noisiest will be leaving. There is however no doubt in my mind that others will take over their task once these are gone. Oskar appears to be training his bark so he and I had to have a little conversation earlier on.

Luis has also been confined to the large cage for persistent barking. I took the opportunity to present him with the bowl of food he’s been refusing for over a day. From the munching sounds behind me, he’s eaten it up. All the dogs are having less food as it’s hot and they are doing less. Princess, from being as scrawny as anything has certainly filled out quite sufficiently. Oskar looks about right, Minnie is skinny like her mother but Charlie doesn’t need anymore food either. I shall have Heidi and Millie slimmed down so that the aeroplane can actually get off the runway when they fly to Paris on 19 July.

21:10 Dogs now going to bed. Dave feeding, medication, drip and walk. Then I can get something to eat and have the rest of the day off!


7 responses to “Ursula has a date”

  1. I’m glad you are putting Geidi on rations…how about some bark training too?
    Departure time is an interesting conundrum… not sure I can help much with that one…

    1. I’m trying to get her weight down especially as they are doing less now. Sleeping in the sun all day is hardly demanding.

      She has been practicing her barking and is now very good at it. You should be quite free of burglars and Jehovah’s Witnesses.

      All will be revealed in the fullness of time…

      1. Ursula avatar

        Her first weekend in UK will be fun – she may meet Minnie and mud dog who will be visiting..,

        1. I’m sure they’ll all work it out between them. Noisy youth still about. Five is doing some barking and wandering.

          1. Ursula avatar

            It’s late your way… I’m off to bed…hope you got there too

  2. Not sure if reply went … getting in muddle… as usual… looking forward to introducing her to Minnie and maybe mud dog too

    1. Sounds like a plan. No risk of boredom

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