I washed the floor!

I sort of had to really as Minnie was out earlier and I hadn’t noticed that she’d gone into the van. The next thing was her paddling in the water bowl before wandering around, turning all the dust to mud. I’d been meaning to do something about the state of the floor but now I had to. Even I could not stand that much mess! For the next five minutes the floor is clean and only Obi is in the van. Millie and Oskar have been let out into the big compound and Minnie returned, of her own accord, to the SDC.

It was cooler this morning for the walk, only 21C, with a gentle breeze from the west. Kostas was there before us, this time at the sandy area at the end of the Promontory. Some of the dogs got there before me and were barking at Kostas. They quietened down and he played with some of them and threw Boris’ ball. The ball is still flashing, after a fashion. Kostas had lots to do so I led the dogs off towards the rocks to leave him in relative peace. He was unloading bags of netting from his jeep which he carried shoulder high. This transformed his appearance causing a renewed outburst of barking. Shortly after a couple arrived to pick some of the plants which live on the rocks. They received so initial attention which quickly wore off.

Back to the beach for a quick swim via the sandy bit at the top. There were no absentees and Minnie managed to get back in time for biscuits. Obi was one of the first to come back!

The day quickly warmed up so I was glad of a relatively cool shower first thing. Later I resorted to the red showers the other side of the building where I was sure of getting cold water. The water in my pipes was so hot that it was barely possible to keep your hand it it. I had some more dog towels and another blanket to wash so used the hot water for that. I take the items to the sinks by the toilets as there are two sinks so it’s possible to rinse in then alternately.

Janne has continued slaving away at his decking project and it’s looking very good. I went to take a couple of photos earlier and found him sitting at the front with a large electric fan having a drink. He admitted that he was struggling whilst working in the sun. His attention to detail is amazing as he carefully cuts around the rough, former electricity company poles, which hold up the shade above his van. He has finished the long section which runs parallel with the side of the van so has the relatively short section to complete the job. They have just left in their car, presumably to get a meal somewhere.

I’ve had my third shower. This time in the compound as the water is quite cool enough. I fixed the leaking joint in the hose I use as a shower so perhaps I can leave the water turned on now. I’ll check for any leaks later. I don’t like things leaking as it’s such a waste of water. Water we cannot afford to lose due to the relatively dry winter: January excepted.

Yesterday evening I received an email from a couple who came to the camping in April with their little girl. They are coming back to the camping this evening and were just letting me know so that we could perhaps meet up.  They live in Iraklion and he works in Austria so they all commute around a little. They are having a little holiday I should imagine. I passed their email on to Maria and Georgia and received a nice little thank you for letting them know. As it turns out, they are coming back to the camping today from Chania.

I’ve spent time today sorting out EG servers as well as reinstalling Mr Lawrence’s old computer as a backup machine. It looks as though I might need to reinstall the EG server as I cannot work out what is wrong with it.

I’ve not been out and about much today, only to the supermarket briefly for bread this morning. My Personal Bread Shopper is content to get bread alternate days so I cannot rely on him. I leave him in charge of the dogs as he sits with Erica to eat their breakfast. The pistol of the hose is lodged in the top of the fence so that Janne can reach over to spray the dogs if they get noisy. He tells me they shut up as soon as he grabs the hose and points it at them. I think he is too kind to them.

Millie has been confined to her cage for persistent barking. Nothing bad, just annoying and unnecessary. She will settle down in there and sleep quietly. I sometimes think she does it deliberately just to get shut in. Oskar is now lying full-out on the decking, on the mat at the top of the steps, fast asleep.

We are coming to the other nice part of the day. This time of the year, the mornings and evenings are the best times of the day. Until about 08:30 the temperature is reasonable so I can get things done. Once it gets hot, I lose the will to do much which does not require being in the shade. From around 19:00, the temperature falls to around 33C and the sun is behind the building. This makes for very comfortable conditions where it’s possible to sit down to concentrate without having to swat flies or have sweat dripping from your hands whilst typing. The UAT (Under Awning Temperature) was nearly 38C although not at this year’s maximum of 42.6C. If the forecasted 38°C/29°C for this weekend comes to pass, the UAT could well get near to that record.

Was that my imagination or did I just hear a horse whinny?  As it happens, there is currently a horse at the vegetable packing plant across the road from the camping.




2 responses to “I washed the floor!”

  1. You seem to have had a better day than me…
    But I have washed the floor too- after I drizzled olive oil all over it.
    Beautiful olive oil trying to devant it from an unmarked 5L can the duster face us
    Cross because I have twice wiped out the end of my blog about kites and rain – doesn’t seem to be syncing when I update with latest…Grr

    1. Pity about the oil. If you’d have waited your dog would have licked it up so it would not have been wasted.

      If you change devices, you need to update the blog first on the previous device to make sure you are editing the same material.

      Janne is screwing again… Erica is out with her fiend

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