Interesting evening

Ingo and Silvia, the couple from Iraklion had duly arrived and pitched their tent by the time Dave, Obi and I got there on Dave’s evening potter. Obi now hangs around like a groupie whilst Dave has his food and his meds, then comes out for a wander around the camping. We chatted and joined them at the restaurant until their food arrived at which point we left to go back. They told me of the horrible conditions in the city as a result of the garbage strike. The smell prevents them from using their balcony or having the windows open.

On the way back we encountered more Greeks from Iraklion who are getting ready to receive a refugee dog which has adopted them. The animal is currently being neutered and having its jabs etc. We had an interesting doggy conversation which began in Greek but reverted to English as they could speak or understand English much better than I can speak Greek. Luis started to miss me and Janne and Erica were sitting out, so I went back so as not to have everyone disturbed. Not helped by Five being free in the camping to bark and make a general nuisance of herself. When I am there, they will ignore this sort of thing but when the cat’s away…

The sky was very beautiful this morning, it was cooler and there was a westerly wind to help keep the mosquitos away. Kostas was working very hard so only exchanged greetings and barks this morning. Boris has another poor sore paw so I concentrated on getting him in the water with his ball. He is bothered by the flies which are in abundance due to hot weather, a garbage collection strike and sheep in the next field.

Xanthipos says Georgia is getting on his case regarding the camera project so asked when I might be available. I said I couldn’t do anything this morning but this evening would be alright. I tried to explain that it’s for him to do the work and I am there as the designer and overseer not to actually do the project.

Another grotty dog blanket is hanging up to dry. I’m slowly getting through them as I’ve been saving them up for the fine weather when they dry quickly. I’ve also washed the gritty dog towels which I put over the van seats in the winter. I’d forgotten what colour they were. 

Janne is working away on his decking project and must now be on the home stretch. The sound of his circular saw and his electric screwdriver have punctuated the relative calm afforded by the hot weather. Dispute Janne’s proximity to the fence and the sudden outbursts of noise, the dogs have remained mostly calm. 


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  1. I miss the beautiful skies amongst other things…

    1. It was less interesting this morning

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