Hottest day since records began!

I have to say that the records are my records so only go back to the end of May 2014 which was when I returned to Grammeno with my weather station. The high was 43.6°C which in old money is 110F. UAT was also a new record of 46°C or 115F. The next highest temperature was in September last year. I’ve had several showers today and I think my last was the fourth. Two of the showers had to be taken outside the compound as the water was too hot to get under from my tap.

Other heat-related activities included trying to stop Boris from getting too hot whilst keeping the flies off him and keeping the others dogs cool as well. I bought some little spray jets last year but by the time they arrived, the hot weather wasn’t such a problem. I set a couple up today and they seemed to work well. They only use a small amount of water but produce a fine mist which cools the air and dampens the dogs. I used a bigger spray on Boris who, last year, used to follow the hose around whilst I was damping down the area around his kennel. Now he seemed less enthusiastic.

Boris was not well last night because he was fed up with the biting flies, despite all the gloop I used to try to protect him. He also has the dreaded poor sore paw which was hurting him too. I could see that he wouldn’t settle so made a huge fuss of hiding some medication in a piece of dog meat and giving it to him. He was snoring away within a few minutes and I didn’t hear a sound from him until morning. I slept in one of the chairs for a bit and went to bed around 02:00 when it was cooler and the mosquitos had finished their meal.

Surprisingly Boris wanted to come for the walk this morning so I was able to get him in the sea to help his foot. I find this usually does the trick after a few days. I had his ball so kept throwing it a little way into the water so that he would be forced to have his feet under water. At one point, Micky must have been nearby as half the dogs ran off in pursuit and I could hear them barking and disappearing into the camping gate. This was around 06:00 so some of the happy campers might have been disturbed from their blissful slumbers. They all came back to me so I was able to return with the same number as I left. Good result!

In between showers and watching the temperature, I have done a few IT jobs but nothing spectacular.

There are a few people on the camping but the restaurant was hardly busy when I was there drinking coffee first with Ingo and then with Silvia and Lia. They decided to have salad in the end so I sat and watched them eat as I have plenty of salad waiting in my fridge. I shall wander down to see them later when I take Dave for his potter.

Janne is satisfied with his finished rear decking but has some wood left over. This morning he started his next project which is to construct a new external shower cubicle. I was there are the beginning and helped him as he cut some of the wood. Helping means holding the ends of the longer sections as he feeds them into the circular saw. The heat slowed down his work and even he eventually decided to call it a day. I left him in charge of the dogs whist I sloped off to drink coffee in the bar. There I also met Xanthipos who said that he’d not got all the materials needed and anyway, it was too hot. I have said that I will make it all work but that he has to do the donkey work as I have specified. It only matters to Georgia how long the project takes as she’s the one affected.

At 21:07 it’s still 31.8C which is why I’m still just in shorts. I will now put the dogs to bed before feeding and medicating Dave. Then his walk.

Ursula and Tony have arrived at their house in France where they now have a jungle where the garden used to be. No doubt you will be able to read this first-hand from her blog which is here.

Most of the dogs are quiet but I want to get on so should put them to bed.


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  1. Four showers – you must smell sweet…I remember it being in the 40s early Sept 2015 when T had that neck eruption. We stayed st Flisvos to let it settle. Then moved on.
    I do hope Biris’ paw improves and that he feels happier.
    Hope the night is more comfy- Fanny will help.

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