The weather forgot to read the forecast properly

In and out via the Private Entrance today. I need to work on the marshalling procedure as it is not very efficient. It will all become more straightforward as time goes on and they get used to going out and returning the same way.

I contemplated the weather forecast, particularly the wind, to decide whether to take down the awning or not.… Read the rest

Millie is with her forever family

Thanks to Ursula, Millie has managed to get to Reni and Tomas the day after their return from holiday. Millie was taken with Heidi on a car journey to Banbury where Reni and Tomas agreed to meet up. They have all had a walk together and now Millie will continue her journey to Leicester to find her new home.… Read the rest

Early gardening

Surprisingly there were no cars parked in the beach car park except the one containing a couple who were not there for the view. Pity they had to leave such a revolting legacy!

No one around out walking but I reacquired Minnie and Princess as they have been quite dilatory about returning lately. All present and accounted for at the end.… Read the rest


I’m not able to be as original as Ursula with my blog title however it explains roughly what I have been doing today. Link to Ursula’s blog

I received an email from Georgia to say that she has been unable to access the camera in the bar for the past two evenings. I know why this is because the WiFi access point on the communal kitchen faces the wrong way and the access point itself is less than reliable.… Read the rest

Luis and his biscuits

Luis can be a little noisy at times with a bit of random barking in the mornings when we get back from the walk. I’ve taken to putting him in the former Millie, now Princess, large crate until late morning. I give him his biscuits in the crate when I feed the others. Luis has been eating less recently, which is no bad thing.… Read the rest

Cooler and cloudier

For a nice change it is cooler and cloudier today. There is even the remote possibility of rain later although only a 20% chance when I looked earlier today.

Not a soul to be seen on this morning’s ramble so all except Obi allowed off the lead. Obi is still a penetant following successive disappearences at the end of the walk.… Read the rest

The camping is at last busier

As we roll inexorably towards the end of July the camping is getting busier. The sound of hammering-in of pegs is becoming more frequent and small children’s voices can be heard floating with the wind. Someone has been hammering away just to the north of me. I suspect the newcomer may be friends with Athina as I think I have heard them talking.… Read the rest

Janne’s new trailer

Yesterday’s entry didn’t update as expected. I was writing it on my iPad and there is an extra step required to publish it. You can read it here.

The night was hot so I spent the first part of it sleeping in my chair out under the awning. Awoken by a barking Minnie whose door is reluctant to lock, I put her back in, locked the door, and then retired inside.… Read the rest

Up again!

The French got up around the same time as me. They were off to Samaria Gorge like the previous group the week before. There was no whistling, only whispering. The other campers probably think they are all still in bed. On a trip to the office later, to fix the Internet, I mentioned to Maria that this group is nothing like the other.… Read the rest

Are they there?

I honestly thought they were not there they were so quiet. I spoke with one of their leaders this morning who told me they had been together for three weeks. I said they seemed like a good bunch and that they were so quiet I’d thought they’d gone. The group plans to visit Samaria Gorge tomorrow and leave the following day.… Read the rest

More neighbours

This morning was probably the least windy part of the day. We walked, saw no one and returned with the same number as we left.

Out watering the sand outside Dave’s location, suddenly Athina, Giannis and their not-so-little boy George appeared. They arrived last night and I’d not noticed them. They came first in 2014 when the van was alongside the storeroom and Luis and Fido were still puppies.… Read the rest

Quieter today

We were out on the Promontory at the usual time, possibly a little earlier since there were fewer dogs to round up. A slight change in the morning routine but nothing drastic. I let all but Obi and Luis off once we arrived at the end as I’d seen a car parked in the car park.… Read the rest

Operation Dog Lift

It was a bit chilly last night so we had our dinner and went to bed early. Even before dark. I thought it would be nice for them and also for me. Heidi and Millie were on short rations as I did not want them to be throwing-up all over me and Antonis’ car in the morning.… Read the rest

D Day -1

Having heard nothing from Lorraine since Thursday about Millie and Heidi leaving on Wednesday, I began to suspect it wasn’t going to happen until Ursula contacted me to tell me she’d finally received an email from her. Lorraine graciously decided that Millie and Heidi should be the dogs to go as Heidi is Ursula’s dog anyway.… Read the rest

Yes! I think they’ve gone…

Following their early start on Sunday, my adolescent neighbours behaved like adolescents and stayed in their pits longer this morning. They were indeed subdued following whatever outing they went on yesterday. I didn’t bother to find out or even talk to them. I politely hung around until after 09:30 before disappearing off to the supermarket for bread and carrots.… Read the rest

Up earlier than expected

My slumbers were interrupted by Minnie and Heidi barking at 05:10. The time the music came on the other side of the fence. I guess the music was someone’s alarm since there was a lot of activity from then on. I was concerned that I might wake the little darlings whilst taking out the dogs but I needn’t have worried as it looks as though they were off to Samaria Gorge for the day.… Read the rest

New neighbours

After a peaceful beginning, I now have new neighbours. The area north of me is generally designated for groups. Usually groups of young French if history is anything to go by. There was a minor invasion of around twenty or so about 11:00. I popped round to mention the fact that there are a few dogs next door.… Read the rest

Happy 14 July (Bastille Day)

Antonis came on a rescue mission to help me reduce the number of beers in my fridge. I also needed to give him some money for Dave’s meds and food as well as Heidi’s passport. A prospective new job was the rationale for his Chania visit. He told me that a man was killed by a shotgun the other day.… Read the rest

It’s the bells…

I think we were all awake before the alarm. It was a bit like waiting for the other boot to fall. But I think it’s better like that as at least they have a defined signal that it is time to get up. It avoids all those practice runs an hour earlier. Boris was up for it again although not full of the joys of spring like the previous day.… Read the rest


Wandering past the office last night I could hear Georgia talking to someone on the phone in English. Not one of her strengths. She thrust the receiver into my hand as I came through the door and contented herself with petting Obi. Dave was outside as he displayed no interest in coming into the office. The caller was a customer who needed to know the location on the camping.… Read the rest

Goofy, Henry, Heidi and Millie

Whilst out wandering the camping last night with Dave and Obi, I ran into a young couple eating on the steps to the kitchen. I suggested they might like to sit on one of the benches at the tables in the communal eating area where there is also a light. Chatting, I discovered that she is from Cyprus and he from America.… Read the rest

It’s up – as the actress must have said to the bishop

For the past few days the EG web server has not been working and nobody knew what to do. The lovely lady, Laura, who used to look after all things Web is no longer doing it but I keep asking her to fix things which she does out of the kindness of her heart. Once again I had to go to her to ask for help which she kindly provided so the website is up and running once more.… Read the rest

FreeLoaders bite back

Coming to the beach carpark this morning I could see several cars. One at least I knew as it was Antonis’. He was out on the rocks fishing. I guessed there would be a couple of tents out however there turned out to be three. Kostas was already there and waved from afar. It didn’t take long for the first tent to be discovered as it was quite near the rocks.… Read the rest

Still windy but less so

The awning is still down because of the wind so I am lurking under the carob trees in the shade.

It has not been a very exciting day as little has happened out of the ordinary.

The dogs were excited by some freeloaders camping on the Promontory. I heard the advance party go off for a little barking session early on.… Read the rest

Still windy

For me the night was quite short and windy. It was 01:00 by the time I’d finished fiddling with computers. I didn’t wake until my 05:30 alarm. It was still windy

Setting off across the beach, the wind had blown the sand, covering previous days’ tracks.

Kostas arrived shortly after we did and received the traditional welcome.… Read the rest

Long, hot, windy camera day

I’ve had super busy today, it’s late and I’ve been catching up with other stuff.

I’ve been finishing off the bar camera installation and it has also been extremely windy so I’ve had to take down my awning. Tomorrow, according to the forecast, is going to even more windy than today.

I will try to write this day up tomorrow.… Read the rest

The Curious Incident of the EXPLODING Dog in the Night-Time

My blissful slumbers were disturbed by annoying dog-noises around 01:40 so I levered myself from my pit. By the time I got into the SDC it was all too late and events has proceeded me. I let Minnie out first followed by Oskar. They scampered around the compound together and Minnie seemed relieved. I looked into Minnie’s part of the shared accommodation to assess the impact.… Read the rest

Happy Independence Day USA!

Happy 4 July 2017! Independence Day USA. I’m sure Mr Trump is enjoying the festivities despite North Korea’s latest missile test which, apparently, could possibly strike Alaska. Kim Jong Un is probably laughing his socks off, not so the South Koreans who have a small army deployed along their northern border.

Kostas was out this morning as it has been a few days since I’ve seen him or evidence of his movements.… Read the rest

Phew, cooler today and windier too

I fell asleep outside again and woke up at 01:45. Pea was pleased to be let out of his house and Fido was fairly pleased to be let in to the van. Obi wished to be in there and Luis was posted there for being noisy. The dog never knows when he’s on to a good thing.… Read the rest

I did it – I went for a swim!

I fell asleep in one of the chairs on the decking with a fan providing a cooling stream of air. I awoke around 01:30, let Pea out for a drink, then went to bed to wake again at 05:25. Lazy bones but no moon to lighten the sky so I slept on. 

It is July after all so I should cast caution to the wind and go for a swim.… Read the rest

Hottest day in July since records began!

I thought yesterday was going to be the record breaker however today has over taken yesterday by  a small margin. A record nonetheless. Today’s maximum temperature was 44.1°C (111F) at 14:37. Yesterday was a mere 43.6°C at 17:30.

I got up for a drink at 04:00 and decided to go outside to sleep on one of the lounger chairs.… Read the rest