Hottest day in July since records began!

I thought yesterday was going to be the record breaker however today has over taken yesterday by  a small margin. A record nonetheless. Today’s maximum temperature was 44.1°C (111F) at 14:37. Yesterday was a mere 43.6°C at 17:30.

I got up for a drink at 04:00 and decided to go outside to sleep on one of the lounger chairs. Princess and Pea were both pleased to see me from the comfort of their boxes. I was sleeping peacefully until awoken by Obi who insisted that it was time to get up. I told  him to look at his watch and to leave me alone until I looked at the time on my iPad to see that he was absolutely right: it was time to get up! At 05:15 it was a chilly 31.5C so we set off for the walk. Boris’ foot is still sore but he was game to come along. There was no moon but enough light to see where we were going. I expected to find people sleeping all over the Promontory however there was only one car parked on the other side of the car park. They were not terribly energetic so I encouraged them to bathe in the rock pools at the end of the Promontory. They managed to find energy for a bit of running around but I was keen to get Boris’ paw into the water so we headed to the Small Beach for a swim. Lots of splashing and swimming, together with digging in the sand. We all had an enjoyable time although Minnie and Obi could be seen following each other along the water line on the Grammeno Beach. Minnie came back but I had to collect Obi up later.

Back at Grammeno, just after seven, the temperature had already climbed to over 36C making it hard to be very energetic. I had a shower, cleaned the compounds, and then watered the plants. Usually the dogs keep out of the way of my hose but this morning they didn’t seem to mind being sprayed at all. I went in search of Obi once I’d fed and injected Dave. Obi was to be found with his mate Micky but they came rushing over when I went to see how Silvia, Lia and Ingo had survived the night. He didn’t put up any resistance when I put him on the lead I had secreted about my person. Ingo and Silvia were on sun beds outside the tent which was occupied by one small girl sprawled out in the middle. Ingo was waking up as I arrived and Silvia was not far behind. I reacquired Obi and we had a chat about the heat and agreed that the wind felt just like being under a hair drier. Lia finally emerged, probably due to the racket we were making then I went back to carry on my various doggy duties. I fed them but didn’t feel much like feeding myself despite the loaf of bread Janne had kindly brought from the bakery.

It soon got hotter but it did not deter Janne who was continuing, albeit more slowly, with his shower cubicle project. Erica and I discussed the weather and Janne’s ability to keep plugging away despite the increasing temperature. I spent most of the morning slumped in a heap as my laptop was too hot to have on my knees and too inconvenient on a stool by my chair. I did spend some time sorting out some misting jets which I put up in the SDC and chez Boris just to try. The dogs seemed to like the misters and sat happily being dampened by the fine droplets. I think the mist helps to keep away the flies which are still numerous and extremely annoying. Mikhalis said that he’d sprayed around the camping with some product aimed at suppressing the flies, with little effect. I had reports from Silvia that the bathrooms were black with flies, presumably seeking water. I don’t remember being so bothered with flies to this extent in the past.

Ingo, Silvia and Lia set off back to Iraklion around lunchtime as they have a friend coming tomorrow and Ingo has to be back at work in Vienna for Monday morning. He has a presentation on Tuesday which he is not looking forward to as it deals with concerns about IT security which could affect other departments. Ingo works for the UN in Vienna. I now have an open invitation to come to Vienna but only one dog to accompany me.

The afternoon was equally lethargic, spent mostly sitting around being hot and listening to Janne working away next door. The shower cubicle is almost complete but I’m certain he still has plenty more adjustments to make.

Here are some images from the misting jets in the SDC. They have now been relocated to the covered area close to the van where the jets are on both sides and the flies will be attracted to the field rather than to the other side of the fence.


2 responses to “Hottest day in July since records began!”

  1. I am very impressed by Janne’s work – thing of beauty.
    Can’t say quite the same of shower jets… a thing of necessity maybe.

    1. Chris avatar

      He’s very diligent and wants it to be just right

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